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WII U - for the foums and the game


This is what the wii u will do for us as a community and a game



- More support (on the forums and the game)

-Better graphics (not that anyone cares on this console but you will attract some graphical players)(and there's more than you think)

-Better hit detection (so you don't shoot some one 3 times but get no hit markers and a second later all the bullets hit)(you know what I mean)

-More attention from the mods (more people here = more people being idiots = more banning and locking)

-Banning system (get rid of the small amount of hackers and glitchers there will be)

-Less hackers (This game should have a decent security system)

-No idiots that think they are to cool to play something with "wii" in the title.

-Theater mode for picking up tomahawk throws.

-The game pad (IPAD sort of thing) could be the mini map screen which would be kind of cool to.



More 1337 trickshotters in S&D not caring about the objective

-More mics=more squeakers

-More idiots on the forums

-People abusing the report system

-More MLG tryhards

-People coming over and picking up a ccp and actually going well.

-More people to post glitches on youtube.



-More people (easier to find games with more people in different gamemodes eg. HQ but more tryhards, no objective players and people that think they can play wii.

-kIllcams (great for knowing how you died but gives your positon away.

-Killstreaks (more killstreaks would be a little fun but then you'd see about 20 AC-130's and 50 reapers a game.


Well that's all for now but if you want ot add to the list feel free.

ps Can't wait for the woody type gamers to come on thinking they can get a "100 plus gameplay" and getting r@ped (same as on the forums, coming over and thinking you are boss)

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    Killcams. Exposes campers, but also gives away your sniping position.

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    well thought out finitlag.

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    Really I think the only people who won't by the console, and this game for it, are your Xbox and PS3 fanboys.  People who still think the PS3 has sold more consoles then any other in the current generation.  (yes people do that and then are baffled as to were I got my info when I say the Wii sold more)


    HD graphics alone will bring a lot of new players.  Some folks play these games just because they look so good.  They don't do great at it, they don't care about KDR, or stats.  THey don't know which guns are OP, don't know what patches are or that they even get them, they don't take it seriously, and just play because it looks awesome and they have fun even when they get owned. (really play on the PS3 with these guys.  Tons of fun to have some drinks and take turns and laugh at how bad I am with the PS3 controller. 


    Potentially three different controllers:  Gamepad, New CCP, and the Wii remote which is what I will be sticking with (also to those who worry about the gamepad, everyone testing it says it is incredibly light and comfortable to hold.  The only adjustment being the distance between the thumbsticks, but even that comes naturally.  Again this is just from videos I've seen of people doing demos)  Really there is something in the controller department for everyone.  Keep the Wii controls the way they are in MW3.  They don't need to change a thing.  Maybe bring back the Dolphin dive but that's it.  Anyway, I'm ranting now.  But seriously there is something here for everyone.  The Wii remote alone has several thousand different contoller configurations.  Try them all and you will find one that is just golden.


    It would be so great to play my PS3 friends if we both got the Wii U.  We will both have controllers that we really like.  I'm excited.  When the crap can we preorder this thing!!!  I'm not camping out in fron of target all night again!

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    This is gonna be good The Wii community needs a fresh start.

    WiiU cod will be great 1 if the wiimote is supported it is over lol.

    More secuirty less hackers.

    Turtle beaches <3

    But the bad things will be

    Moar campers

    MLG tryhards

    People blending in with the enivoriment.



    Im gonna end up joining a clan and try to have the best gaming experince possible on wiiU.  Now we wait.

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      What do you mean by "if the wiimote is supported its over" ?


      I think that the options you have to play CoD could quite possibly attract a lot of players. Gamepad, Pro Controller, and Wiimote/Nunchuk. But it's not confirmed yet, so who knows if we'll even get it.

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    Better console does not mean better hit detection. Have you played BO on ps3? At least from what I remember, I had to lag shoot a bit most of the time. BO on wii has better hit detection.


    so you don't shoot some one 3 times but get no hit markers and a second later all the bullets hit)

    That's not really hit detection. Its more like lag....or lag compensation.


    A ban system does not mean less hackers. The xbox and ps3 have a ton of hackers too. Thing is, its kind of rare to run into them because of the massive amounts of people playing the game, unlike wii, where only like 5k people play and running into a hacker is more common.


    Theather mode sucks major as*. A lot of times it doesnt ever record the games.I rather have something like Onlive has, brag clips. If i ever pull off a 1337 360 no scope, then I just hit...idk.....A, B and + together to save the last 30 seconds of the match.


    Killcams? Killcams suck....they give away your position.....When I play on HD consoles, I don't even watch them. Waste of time. Waste of time= Waste of XP.


    I also enjoy cookies.

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    Can't wait to show those woody type gamers what wii can bring to the table.
    lol i just noticed the crappy pun i put up -_-

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    3DS is still unchacked, so that's a good sign.
    Imagen if the Wii U community got bigger then the PS3 and Xbox community lol. I hope to see you guys in the Wii U forums.

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    You guys are buying Wii U and stuff and i dont have money for food,living and bills.


    How selfish you are.. imagine you wake up and got nothing to eat.. just an old bread.