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"Hang on a minute lads. I got a great idea."


With the fast paced action packed game we were promised, many have turned to corner camping so that its not quite so fast paced or action packed.
Now if we're slowing down the game play why not lets add some depth to it? How about a method of looking around corners? It could be assigned to a D-pad button. I'm getting my inspiration for this from the Tom Clancy games Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, though it doesn't have to be as slow as it is in those games. Say its just a mirror on a bit of wire and you stick it around the corner. To the enemy, should there be one, he could see it as a small white flash or something. The downsides would be the small delay between putting it away and picking up your gun, about the same as switching to a pistol, the flash showing someone is looking around the corner, and a restricted view as you'll be concentrating on the mirror and not your other side. Anyone wish to discuss? I'm just about to head out to lunch but will reply once I'm back.