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Chaos Mode: Flash Bangs - Where?


On each map, where are the flash grenades?

I know where they are on Dome (as soon as you start, go forward and just past the tank).


On the other maps where are they? It'd really help.




Also, what about C4 and LMGs, where are those?

I knwo where 1 is on Dome. I know where 2 are on Resistance. I know where 1 is on Underground, and I dunno where any are on Village.

I have no clue where C4 are on any map. Dome I know where claymore are (but it only gives you one).




I do love Chaos Mode. I am already sick of these 4 maps. I want more already. Doubt there will be more brought out. But I hope there will be, even if for the rest we have to buy =)