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Team Rain Recruitment Board

Who is Team Rain? Team Rain one of the greatest clans to bombard the world since Mongolia invaded Ukraine. HAHA inside joke. You had to have been their. We have a lot of things that differentiate ourselves from others. We have established a website, we have our own "code of conduct" in The Declaration of Raindependence, Our new groundbreaking Ranking system, youtubes,social medias, etc, etc. Why am i recruiting new members if we are already established? Well my friend, we need more dedicated and chill members to play and level up with. We have 54 members and barely any of them play. We have the foundation to win the championship, all we need is the jordans and the lebrons. Wont you join us in this noble quest to become the greatest clan of all time? Check Us out on our elite page and send in your application!. Or even visit our evergrowing website teamrainclan.webs.com. Thank you for your time -ImTheVIP              *WE ARE ON PS3 CURRENTLY AND ARE SLOWLY MOVING TO CREATE AN XBOX AND PC BRANCH