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Who Can't Wait Till October

I just can't wait until October! 3 Awesome maps are coming. In 6 days from this post though, Off-Shore & Decommission are coming out along with Chaos Mode in Special Ops. But in October are the FINAL maps. First there is going to be Gulch, an abandoned mine. In this place it is perfect for combat with a lot of cover.


Next is Boardwalk an amusement park on a boardwalk in New Jersey. There isn't much cover in this map, but it is a great map for nonstop combat. A great way to be hidden is by walking along the sides of the map. Using this strategy you can flank a lot of enemies waiting for your team to come running down the boardwalk.


The last map coming out is Parish which takes place in a torn apart New Orleans war zone. This map can easily give you protection & perfect sniping area. Thsi map doesn't seem like a great camping map, so I consider rushing. But I don't know what this map is like, so it could be a great camping map for all of you campers out there.


I hope this gave you information about the October DLC. I'm not sure about this piece of information, but everybody is saying  that soon there will be Highrise. This information isn't confirmed, but it is like Terminal, it wasn't on the calender & yet it came out. Also people are saying that they will add the AK74u from Black Ops & Shipment & Rust to face-off, more puzzling information. We won't know until it comes out, or it doesn't.