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3DS - No Free Roam

Okay, so I know the 3DS/Wii versions have no free-roam, and you all know it doesn't too. I can't think of putting anything more inspiring for the title, so that'll do for now.


What I would like to ask is whether free-roam was ever attempted for the 3DS version, and if so, why was it dropped? In certain levels (like the Hunter fights) it's clear the mechanics for free roam are still in the game, and it even appears as though the city itself is practically fully-modelled and in-game. Were there performance issues regarding making the city appear to be a living city, and not just empty?


In my opinion, Free Roam should have been included, even if it had to be truncated from the HD version to fit the system (using draw distances, distance fog, and even less cars and people on the streets). And given that the Wii has had two free-roaming Spider-Man games before it (Spider-Man 3 by Vicarious Visions and Spider-Man Web of Shadows by Treyarch), how come it wasn't featured there?


What's more, what do you guys think about this? It certainly put a bit of a dampener on what was a good handheld version of the game for me.

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    there were obivously performance issues! asking for free roam in that game on 3DS is just over doing it. It would never be able to handle it

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    the wii version could have free roam (only if you wanted it to look like a ps2 game tho)

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    The simplest answer is this: each version of the game designed to shine on the platform it was appearing on.


    Sometimes game franchises attempt to simulate a similar experience across all SKUs, but often that can lead to  sacrifices which can hurt each title's individual "fun factor" in the pursuit of a unified feature set.


    In the case of The Amazing Spider-Man, the decision was made to make the best Spidey game possible wherever it was appearing, rather than attempting to make all versions resemble the PS3/XBOX skus.This included adding extra features where it was appropriate, like Vigilante Mode in 3DS


    You clearly have a pretty good understanding of game tech, and I'll see if we can get any details on what specifically played into the decisions for the scenarios you've mentioned.

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    Thanks. It was an enjoyable game for what it was (and will provide a great game to take away with me on holiday for sure), and this time we weren't promised anything we didn't get (which was, as I recall, a major issue with Web of Shadows). It'd be neat to see what technological reasons there were for leaving it out, especially on the Wii (which as I understand it was actually based off the 3DS version).


    Truth be told, and this is related to my point in this very post, I think Beenox has handled the press of this game in a far better manner than Treyarch did with its last Spider-Man game, and because of that, on top of a really good set of games, I really do look forward to their next Spider-Man title.