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Lookin for 2 more PS3 players for mw3 group!

Lookin for 2 people that can play from 8pm EST to 10pm EST generally, and then play outside of those hours. We will be focusing on WINS not K/D. Since we are focusing on wins, your score points matter, you will also be playing with us to try out.


The game mode we will focus on is Team Tactical, 4v4 objective based game modes. I will be working on simple strategies and getting everyones input when we have our group made.


This is just a group for now, you can be in any CoD elite clan you want, we are just looking to boost our wins and maybe go for an elite clan later down the road.


We may be transfering our group and strategies to Black Ops 2, we will then get map/game specific strategies and class strategies setup and try out the strategies, if they are prestine, we may be creating other accounts and going for perfect win/loss record


Notice the word "may", these are not set in stone yet, I am looking for great players who enjoy playing for win/loss, not KD.


Please if you are good enough, and want to play in this group for a long time, hit me up on PSN: Kybo10


I will be awaiting your friend requests! CAN DO TRYOUTS TONIGHT!