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DoubleXP.. now everyone can be a beast!

When MW3 first came out, I hate to admit it but I bought into the whole Doritos / Mountain Dew "Double XP" hype. Each Doritos I bought gave me 15 minutes of Double XP and every Mountain Dew case I bought gave me 45 minutes. Instead of buying water, orange juice, or anything else that might have been more healthy, I replaced them with these two for two months straight. My goal was to be the first one in my clan to reach 10th prestige before anyone else, other people in my clan were stealing codes or taking pictures of the Doritos bags and trying to do the same.


We probably got diabetes from the whole ordeal, but we enjoyed being called "no lifes" from people who had the same amount of time played, but were far less prestiged than we were. We didn't reach 10th prestige, but we did get pretty far, it was always fun hearing trash talk from people who hate on you because you're ranked higher than them, are part of a clan, or straight up just demolish them game after game. You instantly have "no life" because you're good at the game and they're not or because you have a higher prestige.


Once the Doritos / Mountain Dew thing came to an end, I haven't touched a Mountain Dew or another bag of Doritos ever since. Slowly but surely I would see 10th prestiges everywhere.. I thought to myself, these people must all be beasts? I was happy to have them on my team and always put my tryhard panties on when they were on the opposing team. The 10th, 15th, 20th prestige "placebo effect" was always in play whenever I came across a high prestiged player.


Whenever these guys dropped donuts, I thought to myself.. there must be something up? I always got hammered by my clan or by the opposing team if I went negative, but dropping donuts meant you either boosted your prestige or you joined a clan with Double XP unlocked or MW3 unlocked Double XP for a weekend and you went hard for 72 hours straight. Little by little hardly anybody called me a no life, this was because these people were the same prestige as I was. They mostly ragged on my clan because we had similar gamertags, it stopped being about prestige. IW kept unlocking Double XP every other week and slowly but surely, everyone had an easier opportunity then when the game first came out to be a top ranked prestige. I join a lobby these days and nobody calls me a no life anymore, it makes me sad.. all my hard work.. all the doritos and mountain dew I had to scarf down.. the diabetes that me and my clan probably endured.. all for nothing.