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"AllStar Warriorz" clan is up & ready to RECRUIT for **PS3**

"AllStar Warriorz" clan is up & ready to RECRUIT for **PS3**


Creator/Founder: Jamaican-4Lyfe

Prestige - 12

K-D -1.252

Accuracy - 20.3%

Killstreak - 25

Winstreak - 20

Daily player 5-9hours

Top Scorer in 95% of Matches


Clan Name: AllStar Warriorz (Newly created)

1. Recruiting players with similar stats.

2. No negative K-Ds.

3. Looking for Elite & Non Elite Members to participate/enlist in clan ops.

4. Also looking to purchase unused Elite Code (Preferable Founders if anyone has one)


To Join

PM Jamaican-4Lyfe - Subject "Friend/Clan request"


Visit Clan Page

***Must include something saying you want to join, I get a lot of friend request each day