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Dashboard isn't a negative thing


Don't you love being put in a match when it's a blowout and you're on the team that is getting blown out.  Then instantly die once you spawn in

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    I just dashboarded out of a game where I was lagging badly. Why would I stay in a lobby that's not fair? I saw an enemy in front of me, the game rubberbanded, my enemy teleported behind me and knifed me from behind. I was like a second or two behind and getting killed instantly. I will never stay in a game like that.


    It was never like this before the update that came with Terminal. It semi- broke the game for me.

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    Lol I dashboard about 15 times today and will continue if I keep getting that gameplay. Man the lag is worse I already knew how bad it has been the previous month I am like a second or more behind and the **** is ridiculous

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    I have had to Dashboard a bit lately myself. I don't do it in games where I am losing, but there has been a trend lately where I will spawn into a match on the losing team, then quickly get spawn killed 4 or 5 times. Not going to stay in a match where I am not even given a chance.

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    That and the lag. I'm not sure what's going on. I want to tweet Mark Rubin but he's still on vacation, GHANDI stopped answering tweets, and Teenah isn't acting like a CM. I would like to know when will the next update that's supposed to fix the lag will drop.


    EDIT: Anyone else having difficulty finding a lobby tonight? I can't find a lobby lower than 125 ping. I used to get thrown in 50 ping lobbies but not tonight.

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    Gone ahead with your Dash self lol. Man I just dashboard another 3 times smh I swear how things get worse

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    Tried playing today. Note- TRIED. Played ok the first match, second match was on Dome with guys skidding around corners and insta-killing me, including one death in which I peeked over the block at the end of Humvee alley and found an enemy facing away from me, I unloaded into his back, only to have him turn around, lag across my screen all the way from my left to my right, and kill me. Went from a great start in that match to being negative


    Tried one more match after leaving that lobby, was thrown  into Lockdown, team down 2000 points. Spawned at the Gallows, went through the archway to the balcony and ADS'd towards the Door leading into the hallway as someone just called out that location. Enemy comes charging through the door and I fire at his chest from behind the cover of the crates. Somehow warps out the door to my right, through my bullets, and kills me with one quick burst from his MP9 (I was using an assault rifle). I spawn in the back spawn this time, behind the trucks, take two steps and glance down towards the Archway leading to the center of the map only to get mowed down instantly once again at long range by the same guy and his magic MP9 before I can even bring my gun up. Took two more similar deaths before giving it up.


    To make matters worse, my headphones broke as I was taking them off! Wasn't my day.

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    Tough luck mate. It seems like you're rubber banding as well. That lagging and enemies skipping/teleporting is what I'm currently experiencing on a regular basis nowadays. There are some games where everything is okay and I will dominate but it makes me wonder if the enemy team is lagging.

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    Aye man I am seriously falling in K/D and I am falling fast lol. I have people killing me when I know I got the jump. Peep this out, my little nephews are killing me and they are not good. I'll poke my head out to get a shot and instantly dead with one shot from a M4<----- get outta here with that. Man whatever they done it only made this game worse and I'll keep dashboarding

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    My KD isn't suffering and it's on the rise. I still put on great matches but the lag is unbearable. The lag is like a coin toss between lobbies and you'lll never know if you're going to be on the good side or on the bad side of the lag.

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