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    Jus_call_me_J wrote:


    s7even_uk wrote:


    Agreed, why should I pay for other people to have a better experience than me .... I have Virgin 50Mb, you have a 56k dial up, you have fun and I suffer .... **** that shiit, I'll dashboard your ass, go and find some other fukkin mug to piggy back your lack of speed.

    You are right, you are a mug...


    For thinking that shelling out for 50Mb fibre lines to Branson will give you some kind of advantage over everyone else...


    Especially seeing as how the game only uses a couple of MBs to run smoothly and those fibre lines turn into copper before they get to your router...


    I think Virgin are a bit rubbish for gaming, especially COD.  I have them but I'm thinking of ditching them.  I was previously with BT and they weren't all that, but I never did online gaming back then.  I don't think I should get an advantage by being able to afford better quality internet, but I don't think it's really fair that those with good lines should be impeded either.  I use up less bandwidth these days so I could do with some savings.

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    Little tip if join a game in progress don't pick a class press select view the score then if you don't want to join press start and quit. You don't get a loss. So there's no excuse.


    Dashboarding is just preserving stats like a little 8 yr old lol

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    Risk26 wrote:


    Not my job to take a loss I didn't earn.

    You'll take that WIN you didn't earn though won't you?

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    BOOM my mans on FIRE!

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    exrboom wrote:


    Lol loads of people only decided to spend there jobseekers allowance on top Internet  thinking they would get an advantage lol how they are wrong lol now there mad because they have top Internet and only beans on toast for tea haha

    LOL Good one...


    "Come on love it's only double what we are paying now and think how much better your Foxy bingo will run"...

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    They are mate...


    Fair enough for downloading the Dwarf porn etc, but completely wasted on gaming...


    A friend of mine "nuttin2say" explained it to me and tbh it's shocking...

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    I sure will.  It will help counterbalance the games I join where within 30 seconds the defeat music comes on.  Game over.  Thanks for playing; enjoy your loss.


    The obvious solution to this is to have a tickable box that says "do not join games that are already in progress", but, until then, I'll keep dashboarding if I get screwed.

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    Read what I said you idiot. If you join a lobby don't pick a clad press select view score. Then if you don't like what you see. Press start and quit you dont get a loss because you didn't play.

    I suspect you join a game and when you die 5 times in a row you dashboard but what ever don't use taking a loss you didn't earn as an excuse because it's avoidable

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    Look at all these selfish people having a go at dashboarders because their game is running fine with no lag.. LOL


    J seems a little angry at the fact that so many of us with good ping rates are dashboarding because of a fault with IW/Sledgehammers coding of lag compensation. My KD is not the be all and end all, it's 99% accurate in terms of how I play, the 1% being the deaths lost due to wonderful dashboarding... In fact J is so selfish that a host MUST continue his game no matter how bad it is because as long as his game is fine, why care right (but i'll mention it's for the sake of the community, because I want people to take my side). News Headline... It ain't happening


    What community... You think any other player cares if the host is having the same fairness as others? I'm actually LOL'ing you think i'm having a hissy fit! I'm telling it how it is perhaps with a trolling twist, I dunno, I guess you'll just have to stay mad bro, because I ain't changing my view on dashboarding.


    Imagine you have 12 hikers. Each hiker has a bag full of food and equipment.. Now instead of each hiker carrying their own bag, one of them has to carry their own, plus the 11 others bags. You think its fair one person has to carry 12 heavy bags? And then expect them to be ok with that! And then have the cheek to moan at them because they decide "**** it, I'm not carrying these bags any more!"


    You leechers are just proper LOLs.

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    Wow another idiot stupid name stupid sayings. You mad bro lol gtfo.

    If you get lag just back out no need to dashboard. Funny thing is everybody Who dashboards usually as a good kd and a crap win loss ratio. If the lag is so bad why even play the game. If I had lag that magically kept my kd high when I'm clearly crap and forced me to dashboard( well I couldn't have my mates seeing that loss lol) I wouldn't play the game at all.


    Facts are, and I speak from experience dashboarder joins gets killed too many times then dashboards b1tch can't just back out.

    As for your Internet piggy back crap. Why should you get an advantage by paying for it.

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