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    pro version you get quicker reload back to the main menu.

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    Dashboarding is garbage. Make due with the b.s. that goes on. People also abuse it to save stats. If you're not liking the lobby, play out the game-get your match bonus-then find a new lobby. You cripple your team by just abandoning them.

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    WonkySausage wrote:




    You're so mad! My stats aren't that important, as I've mentioned they're quite average.. I'm still gonna dashboard every time BS starts happening - too bad you can't change that. You still haven't given any valid arguement as to why any host should stay in a lobby should their game experience falter due to poor lag compensation coding, and why any host suffering negative or struggling gameplay should have this recorded on their account whether the player cares about their stats or not.


    Btw, Nice of you to belittle yourself and the community however, for showing just how selfish you guys can be. Screw the host, as long as my game runs fine why do I care!


    Just one thing i'd like to mention....

    CoD 4 - never backed out/dashboarded (KD of about 0.9 right now)

    MW2 - 103000 kills to 134000 deaths (KD of 0.74ish) - never backed out or dashboarded.

    Black Ops - 27000 kills to about 28000 deaths (KD of 0.93) - never backed out or dashboarded..


    Why do you think that is?? GO FIGURE lol

    Short version:




    I'm a dashboarder and my stats are still shite...


    GO FIGURE lol


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------


    OK I figured it out I think...


    You believe everyone else is "mad bro" because you are mad at the internet and everyone on it. Probably because even though you manipulate your stats, you still can't make them good...


    You dashboarding does not affect me in the slightest because I am not in a match with you, so why you think I am affected enough to get mad is quite the quandary...


    cry more troll...

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    HAH Who's crying... I think thats you "wah wah, all deez dashboarders ruin the community, even though my game is fine and running smoothly, why dey keep DASHBOARDING" I don't have to be in your game, i'm sure there are plenty of others who dashboard in your games.


    If my stats were that important, i'd dashboard any game - host or not, but I dont, I do actually try to sit it out until it becomes ridiculous, after alI I know i'm average at most game modes (I only really play FFA which i'm actually fairly decent at ) But, the bottom line is if my game gets ruined because of being host, it will end... And you will continue to steam and rage like crazy about it.. End of, because dashboarders have the upper hand. They can choose to end a game if they like


    I'm certainly not crying about it, it's proper LOLworthy to see selfish community members insist that hosts games be ruined for the sake of their game. And btw, you still didn't answer my question: "Give me a valid reason why dashboarders shouldn't dashboard if their game experience falters due to lag compensation coding" (probably because your arguement is invalid)


    Next hissy fit short version please mr selfish leecher

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    @eaazy... But as long as your game runs fine with no bs, screw the host right... You just proved my arguement with J is completely correct and valid. Thank you.

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    WonkySausage wrote:


    HAH Who's crying...

    Well you are every time you dashboard. That's the point, and probably why...


    "Boo Hoo, I got killed and I can't adapt or overcome so I will throw my toys out of my pram and prematurely end everyone else's game while I'm at it"...


    Tell me do you end everything prematurely?


    You want a word of advice? When the game is playing super crabby as it does for EVERYONE at times, instead of dashboarding and looking like a spoilt baby, try slowing down a little, go camping, ambush enemies, shoot them in the back, etcetera...


    You will be surprised how well you can do, and how gratifying it can be to come out neutral or positive against all odds if you change up your playstyle in the face of adversity...


    What is your Gamertag BTW?

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    WonkySausage wrote:


    @eaazy... But as long as your game runs fine with no bs, screw the host right... You just proved my arguement with J is completely correct and valid. Thank you.

    It's laughable that you believe the game runs smoothly for everyone else all of the time...


    Of course it doesn't. We are all on the same servers, and we all have the same BS, but we don't all choose the selfish and long winded way out...


    I am very lucky to live in a beautifal rural part of the UK, but the flip side of that is I don't have access to top internet, and I get lagggy games as much as anyone. So much so that I have just had to accept it...


    I can't fathom out why you choose the long way back to a fresh game if you are in an unplayable one, other than trolling the rest of the lobby...


    Your stats are as bad as mine so why not just quit and get onto the next one asap?

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    Jus_call_me_J wrote:


    nuttin2say wrote:


    Jus_call_me_J wrote:


      They are mate...


      Fair enough for downloading the Dwarf porn etc, but completely wasted on gaming...


    LMAO!!! ... what the hell is "Dwarf porn"!!!


    At any rate ... some interesting comments all over the threads last couple of days.

    I know right, and to be honest I was lolling as I wrote it...


    Maybe you could explain how these fibre lines are not going to give users an advantage? It's a liittle too techy for me I'm afraid...


    Personally I feel sometimes that I am wasting my time trying to explain the shortcomings of being a Dashboarder, or a fibre line user...


    Dashboarders have selective hearing as well as selective stat tracking...


    I wonder sometimes how that translates into real life...


    Dr Bone:     "Mr Dash you have Cancer"

    Mr Dash:     "La La La La La La" with fingers stuck in ears...


    No prob. (Just don't forget that at times, I DB myself)


    Explaining how a fibre optic line alone is not going to give players an advantage is easier than explaining all the other things I explained to you. In fact, it may help clarify some other things.


    Imagine three gamers on an Xbox console want to play Zombies. All three players have FiOS but Player A gets to be host. Player B live 100 miles away from Player A and Player C lives 200 miles away from Player A. Player B lives exactly due east of Player A and Player C lives exactly due west of Player A.


    Because all three players are using connections with the exact same quality and their connections are literally based upon fiber optics (connected literally by light) their consoles all communicate with each other at the speed of light, right?


    Yes, they do. Most people think this means there would be no lag.


    Unfortunately, that assumption is, by the laws of physics, factually wrong.


    Light may be traveling at roughly 186,000 miles per hour, but that light will have to travel twice as long between Player C and Player A as it does between Player B and Player A.


    Thus, lag exists even in a "perfect" environment.


    As they say in the infomercials, "But wait! There's more!"


    As many people as there are on the internet is how many different equipment combinations there are out there.


    Different routers, modems, etc. all have different latency. Latency is equipment lag.


    Because of that, there is a weakness in the connection coding of ALL devices connected to the www. There is no way to get around it 100%.


    BTW, J, though I haven't been active on the forums for a few days, I have still been following my favorite conversations and A LOT of information has come out in the last couple of days regarding flaws in the system.

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    Now i've reached a point in MW3 where I won't go further in terms of prestige (6) and level (80), I'll probably not dashboard as much. That said, I've barely played in like 2 months just because i'm sick and tired of all this.


    If you want to find me on elite or something, my gamertag is my username, with a space between the two words rather than one whole word. By all means, join sesh if you fancy a game, whilst I appear a moany old bastard on here, I actually enjoy a good game on CoD with good peeps.

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    I don't mind that people ragequit when they are getting dumped on, just don't dashboard it. You ruin the game that everyone else is enjoying with your spiteful tantrums. If it wasn't about ruining the game for others then why not just exit the proper way so that a host migration can occur and others finish the game?