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Copyright Permission

I've been looking around on the internet for where i can gety permission to post trailers for the game and that kind of stuff on my youtube channel. I'm trying to do this the right way, so I'm asking for permission, where i can get permission, or if permission is even needed to post this stuff on youtube. (Since I'm just promoting the game) If I dont need permission or am granted it, do you think someone could post me a link as to where to get the trailer so i dont have to download it off some random website that might contain viruses?



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    You might want to ask this in the support forum they may be better at helping with this than you would get from here.

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    if your doing something like abreakdown trailer, or discussing stuff in the trailer ect then your covered by the fair use policy so as long as you credit you'll be fine.

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    I myself neeed help. I posted a trailer breakdown for the Uprising DLC that took me all day to edit on YouTube. Then it was blocked from the rest of the world even though I specifically said all rights go to Treyarch and Activision in both the video and the description. I haven't monetized it and so are not trying to make money from it. I desputed the claim and now, although it is unblocked, I have a copyright strike on my YouTube account. I tried contacting customer support by phone and Activision support, David Vonderhaar and Treyarch by Twitter multiple times but I recieved no reply. I feel that this is rediculous as I know many peple who haven't recieved strikes who didn't get permission and recieved no disclaimers. Any reply would be much appreciated