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Skill Based Matchmaking? Reverse Boosting? PM9 MOAB


With the recent rumors regarding Skill Based matchmaking coming to COD, presumably in the next title BLOPS 2, I wanted to get everyone's opinions on whether you would prefer skill based matchmaking to MW3 and past COD's matchmaking system, which is not skill based, but rather on connection/area.


I am torn on this issue.  I think it would create more competitive games, where you had better teammates.  However, I also think that it would be tough to get high scoring games, because as you get better your opponents are also getting better.





Do you think you would enjoy MW3 more if it matched based on skill?  Would you like to see it come to IW's next game?  

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    I think if they will move on to skill based matchmaking then it might slow down the game. I imagine people playing more cautiously if they are matched up against others of the same skill level. I tend to run around a lot when the opposition's skill level isn't so great and I tend to play slower and more cautious if they are skilled.


    Nice gameplay, btw.

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      Great point, I like to rush and I would be forced to play way more cautious if all the players on the opposite team were at my same skill level, like you said. 


      I would at least want the option of a separate playlist where it just matched based on connection.  I wonder if matching on skill would hurt connection since the players of your equal skill might not exactly equal players who you have a good connection with.

      I also imagine this could create Reverse Boosting, players doing really bad for awhile at the start of the game, so they could get a low rank and then matched up with less skilled players.

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        Reverse Boosting is a posibility since I know there's a sizable portion of the community who enjoys steamrolling the opposition. It will be hard to dominate people who are of the same skill level and it may frustrate skilled players. I can imagine people purposely playing bad just to lower their KD.


        I think the best way to implement skill based matchmaking is to put it on HC. That will add more glamour and prestige to being a HC player and the rest of the community can continue on playing Core with traditional matchmaking.

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    Sounds good in theory but it's going to negatively impact the matchmaking system.


    Trying to find the possible match for your connection/region & now looking for players similar to your skill is going to create longer waiting times for a game.


    This "True Skill Matchmaking System" will impact those YouTubers who rely on good gameplay to gain subs or make "YouTube money."


    Most of their 100+ kill or double MOAB gameplays comes from playing lesser skilled players

    We'll really see how good some of these COD YouTubers are when they're playing players of similar skill.

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      GREAT point.  I think you'd see the Youtubers who do Tips vids like Tmartn, or the ones who have lots of subs based on personality like El Presador would be unaffected.  But the ones who get views subs based mainly on stomping on less skilled players would hate it, and probably reverse boost to ensure they could stay with the less skilled. 


      Play 9 games, go 2-15, stomp the 10th lobby for Youtube gameplay.

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    Bad idea.


    Not only is it open to abuse, it fosters a belief that players cannot improve. It amplifies the 3L33t nonsense that increasingly pervades the community.


    Besides, what defines skill? Your stats? That's a joke.


    Where would the cut-off be? Everyone over 1.0 kdr has to play against other guys between 1.0 and 1.5? And then you get bumped up to 1.51 to 2.0 and get owned back down to 1.25?


    There are countless flaws in such a system.


    What people do not realize is that the game currently balances teams according to a multitude of data. I am NOT talking about creating a lobby, I'm talking about creating teams within a lobby.


    The reason it may seem unbalanced right now is because of the intense focus MW3 has placed upon playing as part of a clan/party.


    What they need to do is put a new emphasis on the Mercenary lobby. Prevent players from entering a lobby occupied by someone on their friends list. Separate Mercenary into specific game modes, not a mosh-pit.


    Then you'll have the issue of "skill" resolved.

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    It should be a connection based type of system. It would be horrile to play people 5,000 miles away from you. The host would be horrible.

    The connection on mw3 is ridiculous, it is bad that it disadvantages many players online who play solo against clans with a connection that creates a harsher form of lag compensation for the other side of the lobby, making games far easy for them and extremely difficult for the enemy.

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    You never know on the bandwidth issue if the new consoles will require a certain standard to play. Didn't Xbox 360 or original Xbox require a "high speed" connection on release even before high speed connections were in the vast majority of households? 


    Even so, there will always be connection complications I would imagine, as my connection to host will be different than your connection to host no matter how good our net speeds are, and people will always have varying net speed/performance, even when everyone's is fast by today's standards.


    I still believe connection should be the #1 factor when matching people, I don't want to play people of my skill at the expense of a well-connected, lag-free experience.  If you're going to do skill, do it as the 2nd most important factor.


    Thanks for all the comments so far!!

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    In most games I team up with a pal of mine who (although he loves the game) isn't particularly good at it so we'd either go into games at his level where I'd have an unfair advantage or mine where he'll probably be kicked all over the place.

    Whichever way you go with it somebody is going to have an unfair game, we could also be matched with players over longer distances meaning there could be even more lag than now.

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    nice gameplay super, good to see a tough gun to use in a non-objecitve game MOAB... I'm going to try and use the PM9 more


    I been reading about Black Ops 2, seems that this will be part of their separate Competitive League system, rather than the entire matchmaking system

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    skill would be way better, this makes the game more competitive, there is no spawn killing noobs, and it makes everyone have to actually earn their kills..

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    I know that plenty of people would kill themselves over and over to drop their K/D, or join lots of matches and back out to lower their W/L so that they get matched up with scrubs. Good idea, but it wouldn't work.

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    i cant figure out how they are going to implement this with mixed lobbies.  IE clans, parties etc.  in theory, this sounds good, but implementation won't work i would surmise.  or they use the BF3 system that doesnt do anything anyways.

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    My interpretation of what I read was this tournament skill matchmaking was a mode, not applicable to the entire game.

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    yeah I'm hearing it's a competitive league style type mode as well, which is good....good to have choices!  I was worried for a minute  


    I honestly hope COD always stays with this style, bc you get a mix of lobbies, some tough, some easy, some very well-balanced, and it should always match us based on connection.  IT doesn't do skill now and we still have connection issues.


    Thanks for the GREAT comments and feedback so far guys!

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    They don't need to do skill-based matchmaking exclusively.  Just take it into consideration when setting teams up.  The process would look something like this:


    1.  Fill a lobby up based on location and ping, like it currently does.

    2.  Determine the exact average k/d ratio for the lobby.

    3.  Balance the teams out so that each team is as close to the lobby k/d ratio as possible.


    This way, games wouldn't be any more or less difficult to get into than they currently are, but each game should be less likely to have one team just dominate.  It also would avoid encouraging people to somehow "game" the system, since there would be no advantage to doing so.


    They have all the stats they need for it already, and implementing such an algorith would hardly tax even the most basic of computers, much less servers. 

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    Skill based matchmaking as in how Halo 3 tried to do it will just cause many of the same problems that Halo 3 had. such as account sellers and boosters. It will begin the downfall the CoD seires and make it more like the Halo genre. It will change the game from a fast paced game to a slower game. It will cause many people to give up CoD once they reach a level and can not get anyfurther because of the enemy players. If it uses anything like Halo's true skill rating, you might as well just go play Halo 3 at that point for the games would no longer be any different in how they were played or why.


    Sure some will like it, but the majority of players will not. Sales will drop and the next fast paced arcade style shooter will come along and reap the benefits of the players that got tired of the new Halo... err CoD way of playing.


    Try to make a game too competitive and loose players, make it too easy and loose players. So either way, CoD is boned no matter which way the developers go.

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      Vahn confirmed that the skill based matchmaking is a separate matchmaking system for the ranked competitive playlist so it's not going to be in all playlists.


      So don't worry TSD, you can still pub-stomp as much as you want in the other playlists.

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      I played a lot of Halo 3 back in the day and as far as my experience goes the ranked playlists worked pretty well.  For the most part I felt like I was in matches with people who were close enough to my own level of play and the majority of the time it was all very competitive and fun.


      Treyarch are taking the right approach to this thing.  They have the separate leagues for the people who want to go in for that sort of thing, and it's only in those competitive playlists that there will be skill based matchmaking.  You can choose to go in for some competitive play where the game is going to try and find suitable opponents for you based off your skill level (determined by placement matches) but if you'd rather just play CoD like you always have in the past you still have the normal full traditional CoD matchmaking experience where it will be business as usual.


      There will be no loss of players over this because it's an additional feature, not the whole game.  There are people out there that want this sort of matchmaking and now they have it, but it's not come at any cost to the people who don't want it.  It's all good.

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    Skill or KDR based matchmaking would shut the mouths of the l337 scrubs if it could be done while still on a level playing field (connection)...


    People who brag about their 3 KDR would be silenced overnight if they had to play against players not under a 2 KDR...


    For every kill there is a death, so they couldn't all stay in their little l337 playlists...


    Let's see how good you are when you are faced with a skilled opponent...

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    As a few people have already stated, Skilled Matchmaking is optional for BO2 multiplayer. There will still be the standard playlist to choose from.


    I also dont think reverse boosting will be as big concern, I'm having a hard time believing that the huge number of boosting type losers that plague COD will enjoy constantly reducing their stats deliberately simply because it is so unlike normal boosting. Normal

    boosting is far more rewarding. Going backwards doesn't have the same undeserved fake

    rep that normal boosting gives. These people will probably stick to the normal matchmaking system.


    I personally look forward to skilled matchmaking, a LOT, provided it works as intended. They way i interpret it is its designed for non scrubs, for players who actually want to better themselves. As a lone player I will be placed in a team of people I know will be giving 100% when I hit a certain level within the system. The scummy split screeners and loser quickscopers will stick to normal mode and/or I eventually won't get paired with them anymore once I progress in Skill matchmaking. I will get matched with teammates that want to play the game/objective and win.


    Its having an interesting effect on the so called "amazing" big COD youtubers, the fakes amongst them (and they are numerous) will be the most worried for obvious reasons. Pub games will carry much less respect now. Skilled matchmaking is where the props will be.

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      great points, I think the usual boosters won't "Reverse Boost", the normal booster cares about stats and will boost the old fashioned way.  The Reverse boosters would be the big Youtubers who get views and money from destroying teams with high scoring gameplays on Youtube.  They don't care about their stats, they care about Youtube worthy gameplays.


      But I'm not sure I agree with you that Skilled Matchmaking will be where the props will be for the Youtube guys.  So many of their audience are just lil kiddies who want to see someone do something in the game they can't do, like get 200 kills in a match.  They then try to emulate it, or pick up tips, or just be fanboys and try to play with him. 


      IMO the Big Youtubers will stay in Pub lobbies, and not get any serious backlash from it.

      OR they'll have 2 accounts, 1 for being top division level in league play and trying to prove their top tier talent, the other they'll reverse boost then destroy normal pub lobbies.  Besides, if they reverse boosted, even if they went into league play they'd be matched up with noobs bc their stats would be bad.

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        Hopefully players with the highest skill will become the big youtubers. Then if things work out, what the lil kiddies think is cool will be the kid with the highest skill ranking, not the tard who did a 720 noscope luck shot or got 200+ kills helped by support runners Vs a nub team. Skilled matchmaking might hopefully set a new positive trend. But its also a big risk to expect a largely casual audience to accept a more difficult and demanding COD multiplayer system as well. Hey even if it turns out to be a disaster theres the new Halo, which looks rather tasty.

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    For those complaining about the possibility of reverse boosting, I doubt it's even possible. To implement a skill based, non reverse boost play system, you basically set it up similar to 'levels', in that going in and doing poorly, cant lower your standing in the system. your standing can only go up. so if you go in and start pwning low level people, your level/standing is just gonna raise. if anything you could do terrible on purpose but you'd just be held back in the same standing while those around you getting kills move forward. then you'd basically have to wait for the lower level players to get up to where you're at anyway. (all the while their skill is potentially improving in the process.) that way the really good players are the only ones who are going to reach the higher standings / and play with each other. The only way you'd get into a lobby to slaughter the 'lowbies' would be to just not play for a few weeks til they catch up to your standing. at which point you might get owned by them anyway, since they're playing consistently while you've been away / idle and not warmed up to the game for so long.


    hope all of that makes sense, but I can try to elaborate more if needed.

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    They should let clans play each other more often. There should be playlist called mercenary with separate tdm, dom, kc, s&d and dom playlists. Small parties of 1 to 2 & 3 max for highly objective games should be allowed, no split screeners though. Next to that add a boot camp playlist for new players and less skilled (people with well below average all-round scores).


    Most people online are average, so it would be much easier to just give (well) below average players and solo players more options to "fairer" games. A full party vs a group of screeners and two solo players should never hapen, yet it does constantly.