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Why was I reported and kicked from my clan by ELITE???



Friday night while me and some players of my clan where playing for the clan op, a guy send a message to all saying that we had been reported and to enjoy the clan penalty. We hadn't any bad behaviour towards the other players.

Saturday night I wasn't in the clan anymore and i'm sure it wasn't our clan leader. Most of us are neighbours and friends from a long time.

Yesterday I applied to my clan again.


With saturday's clan op my clan reached level 40 and now i don't have the 8 hours XP.



I would apreciate some explanation to the reason of being kicked from my clan and to fix my 8 hours of XP earned.

I also want to know if my stats will count to the the ops and challenges that my clan were already enlisted.



I apreciate some feedback from Elite. I'm 31 years old and i've put a lot effort and time to help my clan.





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    Hi guys,

    this is one of the things should not happen, Lobo is a responsible player , respect every player , and like the rest of our clan RLK we dont cheating or boosting, we defend a fair game, i dont understand the reason he is kicked.


    He is being harmed as well our clan , how that is possible when i see a lot of players who ruin the game, boosting and start talking things they should not say like offensive language and dont happen nothing to them.


    I hope you guys mend this case, need review that one, we fight a lot together from the same way and now he dont have the 8 hours XP not fair people.


    One more time we defend a FAIR GAME i hope you do something to help a dedicated gamer.


    Fred RLK

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         I'm not sure what happened in your case, but I had some issues this week with Clan management.  I think something could have happened with EliteI am the leader of a Clan and I had a number of members get "Kicked" from my Clan late in the week.  Some of them, i did not kick.  I don't know how they got removed from the Clan.  I just got a bunch of angry messages asking why I kicked them out and what had they done wrong.  It took me several messages and apologies later to smooth everything over and get my Clan back together again.  

         On top of this, I had some members that disappeared from my roster.  I figured they quit and joined another Clan.  But then 3 days later, one of the people just magically reappeared on the roster, without me inviting them.  Yesterday, we were playing the Clan Operation and I went to check the leaderboards.  When I opened up my Clan page, the tab for "Manage Clan" that is generally at the top of the page was not there.  Somehow it appeared that I had lost leadership to my own Clan.  And I did not pass it to anyone, not even accidentally.  When ever you pass leadership, there is always a secondary message asking if you are sure you want to do it.

          I don't know what happened to Elite this weekend, but there was definitely some serious issues.  I know this probably does not help solve your problem, but I just thought I would throw the informatino out there that your removal from the Clan may have just been part of a glitch.

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      It probably is just a glitch, they've reported this problem before.  As far as the 2xp goes, if your clan leader hasn't distributed it yet, you could rejoin the clan and still get it.  If he has distributed it, you'll need help from Beachead to get it back assuming that they are willing to do so.  I'm not sure about your op participation counting.  I register my clan in the ops a few days ahead of time and I know that when a member has left after we were already registered in the op, their score still counted for my clan.  I'm not sure about a booted player counting though but I'd think that it would be the same since they lock the roster at the time of enlistment.

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    Hello Elite,

    this situation need to by solved, becouse at this time i am the leader of RLK Clan, we dont are a clan whit a boss, all the menbers of this clan are the boss's, big friends at long time, we defend the fair game, no cheats, no hacks, no boost's, we defend the fair and just game, Lobo is a fair player and a mentor for some COD players, for me for example.


    Saturday night after the operation we reached level 40, and i remenber see 14 menbers in the clan, all the members get 8 h XP, in the other day i see the Lobo isnt in the clan, why??? I dont kick anyone!!!


    We play COD at long years, from the beginning... play under the rules, spend a lot of money in games, internet and ELITE, we are not a bunch of kids playing a video game... we have our job, our life and love to play COD after all.


    In MW2 some friends including me lost all becouse the hackers...

    ELITE Solve the problem... get back the 8h 2XP...



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      standing up for your members is great,  But have you sent Beachhead a PM with the problem,  .or contacted tech support  ..... Posting here does make your problem/issues known, but  I have never got any reults in posting on the open forums .... a PM to them might get your problem resolved faster.....


      Hope you guys get it worked out

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    @Moreira and Fred

    Thx for the support mates



    Perhaps there's a glitch or something... But so far in our clan nothing of this has happened



    Unfortunately our XP has been activated. There was one of our players who left the clan in order to get the emblems and we both were accepted before our clan leader activated the XP. The other player got the XP and I haven't...


    I talked with the support, and they told me that only Beachhead could do something. Customer representative tried to work around with a solution but it didn't worked.


    I'm just really sad with this... We had to do a lot of Clan Ops in order to reach level 40 and now i can't even use something that was in my right.

    My guess is that this will lead nowhere...


    Anyway, my first step will be to cancel the Elite subscrition renewal and this will probably my last COD.

    I can't play a game just to be in constant prestiging. I like to reach last prestige but i also like to play to complete the challenges...

    I'm mostly a PC player but due to cheaters on PC and to be able to play with my physical friends, i bought a PS3 on purpose, the game and ELITE. This is why i'm sad...

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    vais resolver tudo meu menino!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Can someone please advise me the best way to contact Beachhead Support?

    Already sent a pm to Elite_Help, G IH A IN ID II and to Beachhead facebook webpage but still haven't got any reply.

    I'd like to speak with someone from BH Support since Activison Support told me that only BH could do something about it.