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LOL Player(s)


Last night I'm playing Domination running the Support Killstreaks Turret (which is kind of terrible btw), Stealth Bomber and Airdrop. I was really trying to play to help my team. So anyways I get the Turret and I drop it right on the C flag of Bootleg so I can see down that long alley, up to the doorway and across the back of the map. I'm really trying to own C and help my team.


This noob comes and stands directly in my line of sight and is all like "la di dah doo dee dum look at me" in the headset dancing around like an idiot. It's mildly funny for the first few seconds. He proceeds to do it for the entire time I have the Turret. I'm yelling at him to get out of the way and the kid who must have been mid-teen was just laughing. So then he sees that I was running the Turret from the corner of the map and he boxes me in. So when they finally knife the Turret and I come back into the gameplay I can't escape. Again the dude is being an idiot in my headset. I mute him and after a few seconds jump my way out of the corner. He then makes the mistake of moving into the corner so I get revenge by boxing HIM in... for the entire remainder of the game which had to be 3-5 minutes. He ended up going 1-12, which means he was killed 12 times doing God knows what before he decided to get in front of me. Then, the dude follows me around in the next game shooting his gun into my back giving away my position. I reported him as much as I could. While doing so he sends me not one, not two, not three... but 15 messages to my inbox in rapid fire fashion... so I block him.

WTF is wrong with people like this? If you don't want to play gtfo. I hope to heck he's banned but really, what's COD supposed to do to an incredibly annoying player? It's not like he was cheating or boosting... I hate LIVE.


End rant.

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    Don't blame them, blame their patents..... They failed

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    Reason why i don't go in a corner to call a killstreak in.

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    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    well school is starting back up, so we should see less trolls aand hear less squeaking

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    Well, being a parent of the next generation of CoD players and gamers in general, I am witness to the trends that are being set. I sit here and watch as my son and all his little friends have private QS and infected lobbies. I tell them constantly that they cant go into a public game and play like that successfully. It falls on deaf ears.


    They are also all about going into private matches and doing glitches and getting out of the map.


    When he plays zombies, I listen to him scream "Hurry! Hurry! get me up! I gotta ray gun! Hurry!". Then a few seconds later they are all dead in round 10.


    Basically I witness first hand every complaint about kids on XBOX. And unfortunately yes, I have caught him trapping someone in a corner because he thinks that is funny because thats what is on youtube. Dont worry I tell him not to do things like that.


    But the point is, kids will be kids. Most are brats. Some are even worse brats than others.