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Can MP dev team please tell us Requirements for Counter MVP

As the title says. Can someone from the multiplayer team please inform us on what the actual requirements are to unlock the challenge "Counter MVP?"


Because, as it is worded now in the challenges,it is not correct or it is broken/glitchy somehow.


I have done what it says in the description many many times now(killing the #1 player on the enemy team 10 times in a single match).In most of the game modes,yet i still cant get it to unlock. Its getting really annoying.Its one of the few i have left to unlock. I do not boost and have worked my butt off to unlock almost all the really tough ones. So to be hung up on this challenge even though i am doing what it says is very frustrating.

I have been keeping track during my games and my k/d ratio has suffered,cause i am constantly hitting select to see who is in the lead on the other team and keeping track of how many times i kill them while they are in the lead.I have had games that i killed the leader18-20 times while they are in the lead and the challenge still doesnt unlock.I have seen people unlocking it on youtube in game modes that to have killed the leader over 10 times many times.There have got to be some sort or hidden requirement or something.And for the people who say just play and you will eventually just get it.That is also a no go.Its one of the few i have left to get,and on top of that,I have been playing cod since cod4 and have never unlocked this challenge on any prestige level on any cod yet.And i am not horrible at the game.I have unlocked most of the other challenges that are supposedly even harder ones.

I implore you.Please fill us in one what is actually needed to unlock this or check and see if somehow it is buggy.


sorry for the long read and Thank you..

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    The person has to be the leader at the time you kill them. Impossible to track, essentially boils down to luck

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      its pretty easy to track,if you see the person in the lead on the other team is ahead by a good amount and is in no danger of losing his spot,as it has been with quite a few games.also if i hit select see who is in the lead,then kill that person,hit select and that person is still in the lead,and i proceed to do that more than 10 times in a match,why is it not unlocking?


      There has got to be some other stipulations.

      Like ,it only works in certain game modes, or you have to be in the lead on your team also,or you have to do it without dieing,etc. Just for some examples.

      Everyone has a different theory on how to unlock it seems. According to the description,all you have to do is kill the #1 player on the enemy team during a single game. I have done that and continue to keep doing that.Yet nothing.

      I seen a video of someone unlocking it in 3v3 kill confirmed. I have played many many many 3v3 kill confirmed and have had games where i kill the enemy team leader 15-25 times while they are in the lead.And most of the time the leader had a big lead over his teamates,so it didnt flip at some point during.I have even had games where 2 people (usually split screeners)quit out,leaving 1 guy by himself until others join.I kill that person 10 times sometimes before others get into the game and yet it still didnt unlock.

      So something is wrong with it or there is some hidden requirement i am not doing.

      No challenge should be luck based instead of skill based. Cause if its luck,there is a chance to never unlock it, which is rediculous.If its skill,you can always work to get better at the game to earn it.