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Looking for a clan? Read this!

  • We are very relaxed and laid back when we play
  • We still take part in some clan ops (please note I say some, not all)
  • We are a mature clan, currently with 9 members made up of 5 free members, 3 Premium (including myself) and 1 Founder
  • We're still level 1 but we're going to do a lot of clan ops in a short space of time, you don't have to take part if you don't want to or if you can't be online at the time, but we'd appreciate any help to level up the clan! (We also have a clan op in 4 days and we'd really appreciate it if you could take part and help us out!)
  • All clan ops that are suggested to the clan leader will be registered for
  • You don't have to be Premium/Founder to join, any membership status is welcome
  • Since we only play for fun, your K/D doesn't matter, you'll be accepted instantly
  • We recommend you have a mic, as we communicate constantly
  • We play in a laid back style, but we still play to win!
  • We play almost every game mode, but objective based modes are our favourite (Domination, Demolition, SnD ect...)


You can message the clan leader if you would like more details, and we look forward to meeting you!



Who Dares Wins


Clan Leader: ScoPe ivX Ninja

Clan Name: Recon R4G3


**NOTE: We are on Xbox