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quickscope or hardscopes

does only little kids be whining about hardscopers?

like whos going to be trying to quickscope across the map?

ever since i started playing COD i been wondering.. wat is so fun about quickscoping anyways?

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    Quickscoping has been around since good old CoD 2, when all sniper rifles had quickdraw speed ADS as standard.  It's not as easy to do consistently as some like to make out. There's a reason you see so many quickscopers go negative and that's because they run around aimlessly trying to pop-shot everything that moves.  There are only a very small number of players who can do that and still be effective.  Some do it for the challenge and others do it to try and prove their 1337ness. 


    Everyone who plays has their own style that they enjoy the most, we have the guys who like to rush with shotguns and SMGs, The tacticians who move cautiously between cover and constantly check their corners, the campers, the traditional snipers, the quickscopers, the stealthy knifers, and some who like a bit of everything. We all find fun in different ways to play.  At the end of the day, don't concern yourself with how anyone else wants to play the game, just play the way you like and stick your middle finger up at anyone who has a problem with that.

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    i can't tell you how much i hate quikscopers.  i don't know why, i just do.  i guess i feel that they don't really help the team, as the consistantly go negative k/d.  those who quikscope don't embrace sniping as much as i do?

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      I quickscope, but I love proper sniping too... picking off some headglitcher from the full length of the map is a beautiful thing.  You're right that most pure quickscopers don't do much for the team, particuarly in objective modes... but then again, most of the "proper" snipers I see don't do anything other than sit in a corner for the match and guard one flag, even if the team are behind they ain't moving... that's just as bad in my opinion...

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    I guess you would say i'm a hardscoper. I do draw quick when i see someone but it takes me a second to dial them in for the kill. I use the sniper rifle like it was intended to be used.


    I know i will probably get flamed for this but i don't care. FLAME ON!


    gun:   MSR with impact and extened mag.

    secondary:  MP9 silenced

    lethel:  claymore (to watch my back)

    tactical:  portable radar (for that heads up)

    perk 1:  Blind Eye Pro (air support)

    perk 2:  Assassin Pro (stay off radar and no tag showing)

    perk 3:  Marksman Pro (long distance shots)

    death strk:   Revenge (for that payback kill)

    Support pk:   UAV, CUAV, SAM turret (all to help the teammates)


    Thats my sniper class (not made for QS, it's made for HS.

    (If I use it) I can go at least 15+ kill vs 5- deaths about 95% of the time depending in the map.