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The Most OP Perk In COD?

In my oppinion, Assassin Pro takes the cake. To me, it is the most OP and annoying perk in any Call of Duty game that I've played. I mean, it makes you undetectable by heartbeat sensors, portable radar, and thermal scopes, immune to UAV, C-UAV, A-UAV, and EMP, PLUS you have no gamertag over your head - which makes the marksman perk basically useless. Thats like having Cold Blooded and Ninja from MW2, WHILE being able to have your radar always on. Idk, i find it extremely annoying in MW3...


But that's just my opinion, what do you guys think?

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    stalker.....my shots dont register against more stalker users than anything else and stalker pro with the rediculously long delay for equipment ...rediculous perk should be deleted in my opinion

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    I agree with Assassin to a certain extent but people are too happy playing pac man chasing red dots so I like to stay off the radar. The fact that lots of people dont use it tells me its not the be all and end all. I dont really have too much problem facing other users who have it also.


    Im a dom player mostly with 5k+ captures btw not a camper. I currently have a numb thumb from pressing the left stick in to run too much!


    Doesnt help other tier 2 perks like blast shield and overkill are pretty useless and that uav spam is pretty high.


    Sitrep pro is op in SnD. Quickdraw is annoying for the quick scoping element.

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    I vote for the one perk that completely crippled a game mode to its knees. Patched Sit Rep Pro...



    The one perk that has utterly DESTROYED SnD.


    No other perk can claim that it broke a whole mode.


    Coming in 2nd would be Assassin, because it is really just so useful.

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      I agree, but the good news is that Dead Silence won't have a counter in blops 2 according to some big youtubers! Let's just hope that's true

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        who cares if it has a counter or not.. patched sit rep was simply to put it where it should have been in the first place.  Black Ops is an entirely different developer..they always have different stuff than what Infinity Ward has given us.  But as we should have expected...  it takes one hot minute for IW to get around to fixing things... that's just another thing that is totally different about IW and TA. 

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    Sit rep pro easily

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    #1. Assassin Pro

    #2. Sit Rep Pro

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    Extreme conditioning . . . . It has no counter and is sooooooo unfair that you can run for twice as long . . . .

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    1- Sitrep Pro easily.



    Since the update to "fix" the perk, S&D has gone from my most played game mode, to near nothing. Heck almost everybody I know has slowly either stopped playing s&d, or has gone on to have sitrep on all 10 classes just about.

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    Assasin Pro does nothing different then it has done in previous installments, stop crying me a river about something that has been in the game since basically its inception

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    Sitrep Pro Is super lame nowadays.