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The xF4T4Lx Clan is recruiting. Must be able to quickscope. XBOX 360 ONLY.


If you want to join the xF4T4Lx Clan, message xF4T4LxShoTZx.

Our website is located at: xfatalxclan.tk



  • Get at least half of the kills of the person trying you out.
  • Quickscopes and Blackscopes only. No hardscoping!


Recommended Quickscoping Class:


Primary: MSR

Proficiency: Damage

Attachments: Extended Mags


Secondary: Doesn't matter.


Perk 1: Sleight of Hand

Perk 2: Quickdraw

Perk 3: Marksmen or Dead Silence


Killstreak: Specialist with anything.*


Death Streak: Juiced*



* = Required