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The changes to ghost, is it fitting the logic of stealth


My last thread was more talking about how it affects the stealth playstyle. Well I am more wanting to cover the logic behind doing this to ghost.


They say this game is going to cater to EVERYONE'S style of gameplay. My only question is, how logical is making a stealth perk only useable when running and gunning. To me this is rather illogical. Stealth is meant to be slightly slower than the average gameplay. How logical is it to make a stealth perk only activated when running and gunning, It just does not sound logical at all.


I know a lot of you hate ghost and despise people who use it. Well I don't and I don't use ghost exclusively, sure I like the perk but I tinker with all the perks. I just don't like the fact that element of stealth is at serious risk as when the UAV comes up you have to move. How does this work with snipers? and how is forcing stealth players to move in order to get a STEALTH perk to activate logical?


Simple answer if you look at it from both angles and ignore that hate about ghost, it does not. Stealth is something valuable but I feel they are taking away from a playstyle. When a game is to cater to a play style.

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