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(PS3) A Zombies Team! Black ops 2 & Black Ops

Hey, I've been playing nazi zombies for a very long time. Probably since it had first came out. The point is I always have to play with random people who are very terrible. Even up to Black Ops.

Soo I wanted to find 3 zombies players who are average/above average, so we can form a zombie team. Its very tiring to play with noobs, and its not fun.

Playing with people who run boring lame trains.


The only requirement to join this Zombies Team in the making is ..... If your up to it message me on the psn --->   Curly0177


1. Has survived longer then 20 rounds on most maps played.


2. Is a team player, doesn't steal kills in early rounds. (Doesn't matter later on)


3. (Your Choice) Mic.


4. Older then 13 years of age ( if younger must be MATURE )


5. And lastly is planning on buying Black Ops 2 (If not .


I really want get ready for Black Ops 2 zombie campaigh, it would be a great experience.

I also want to thank you for reading!


     P.S It wouldn't hurt to play some multiplayer or some other games as a team. Plus you gotta be chill and not over react to stuff lol