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New instructional channel - Video intro needed!!!

Hey guys, i'm Phasma. I've been playing online FPS games since Rainbow Six 3 and have a wealth of real life combat knowledge. I've just started a new channel and am in the process of having an instructional, mobile app made. I've won a few elite operations (one prize being a set of Astro A40s) and I consider myself a pretty decent player with a lot to share.


Here are two examples of my previous work on youtube:


Pretty sweet MW3 Throwing knife montage:


And a great Black Ops tomahawk montage:


It would be great to get some interest and even subscribers. I've just done a MOAB gameplay today so I can post up my first gameplay (with advice on getting one) so look out for that.


What I really need is a decent video intro so if anyone knows somebody who can make good intros (3D), that would be great. My channel is in its infant stage so don't expect anything great (currently the background is one i experimented with before, styled like a uniform with badges but I made it for the old layout so it doesn't quite fit) but if anybody can make good backgrounds that would be great as well.


Stay tuned, hope to see you soon!