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Is LAG Just accepted now ?

Hi All ...

I am surprised that I have not heard more complaining in the community about the lag in MW3

I am still getting around 30-40% of games with the most frustrating lag.  It is ruining the game and making me get more and more wound up and stressed.

I am sure we all get it.


You empty a mag into a guys back only to have him turn around and kill you with one bullet.

You are waiting for the guy to come round that corner ... ADS ... Fire first , and still manage to die.  AND of course the kill cam shows something different.

Or my personal favorite...  you are shooting at a guy who is moving sideways across the screen.  You are spot on him, but the kill cam shows you were shooting 6-10 feet away, where he used to be, not where he is.


So, is this kind of thing just accepted as part of the game, and should I do the same before it kills me of stress and heart failure ?

If not, why am I not hearing more people, and Youtube commentators, complaining about it ?


Thoughts ?