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i have a great tatic for BLACK OPS 2 I am vary suprise the developers never thought about this happing please


i learn that the assualt riot shild can be planted in to the grown and then shoot from in a box type hole to protect you from getting shot after learing that i imeditly thought of a team tactic that we could use is by having each team member carry a shield then when reaching a spot cloes to battle (middle of the map) they can plant the shield and try to make a bareel after doing that all meambers can use the box shape hole and shoot from using this will also give the team no blind side for them to be shot from to me this is a glitch in the game that the developers need to take a look at if alot of people discover this battles wont be as fun PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT I WILL REPLY TO ALL COMMENTS THANK YOU.