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    Because its op and it ruins the game imo

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    No nerf needed for ACR. Would like to see more recoil added to MP7 because it can consistently outclass AR from distance.


    And just a note. People will use what they think is best. And these two weapons are the cream of the crop. What are people going to prefer a CM901 or PM-9? Nope.

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    thats all i ever see in the final killcam, an acr,mp7 or a pp90. im kind of new to the cod series, but i have noticed that the games have a few guns that are just superior to the other guns. people can use what they want to use i just dont like when you brag about how beast you are and you are the man when you are running around with one of those three guns. i would like to see you go just as good with anything else and that usually doesnt happen or the person starts lighting into me saying how bad i suck and i could use what i want to or they try and fail and go pick up the good ol guns again. i use the acr a bit, was a fan of it in mw2, i have started to use the type 95, a gun that was hated before and still is but has become my equalizer for the quickscopers and the users of the trifecta. next time someone is going beast with one of those guns ask if they could do it with something else and see the reaction you get.

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    Most players are casual gamers that only play a few to 10 hours a week. They don't really care about what is OP, they care about what works for them because when they get in a game they just want to do well. They don't know about guns getting nerfed or buffed. They don't know this forum exists. They don't know who IW or Treyarch is. All they know is they're playing a game and having fun. They win great, they lose, it happens. I don't really have a problem with them.


    The players I don't like are the ones that have ten classes with only 2 different guns, a Silencer on every gun, Predator, Attack Helicopter and Reaper, talk **** in every lobbby and always play in a party of six.


    Those are the players that make the game unenjoyable because I really don't care about how good (you think) you are. And just because I leave the lobby it doesn't mean I'm scared to play against you (hello, this is a video game), it's because it's not fun to play against you. Competition is fun at any level, just don't take it so seriously.

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    umad noob?

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    there overused as they are good guns... acr is incredibly accurate in long distance and is pretty powerful and the mp7 is very powerful and has good distance that is why people use these guns because they try and get easy kills.

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    Could not have put this better myself, hahaha.

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    I'll agree, i hate seeing ACR and MP7 all over the place. I even rib my friends saying that those guns require no skill. But it's somthing that you gotta deal with. Not to sure why many people don't mention the Striker, this is another ridicuously easy gun to use. Some guy the other night went 53 kills on domination with the Striker and was bragging big time. I challanged him to bring out a Spas 12 or a KSG in the next round. He went 12 - 47. I like the challange of trying to use harder weapons. I usually use CM901, AK47, MP5, PM-9, Spas, KSG. Even when i snipe i try to use Dragunov or RSASS. I went 99 - 37 on Mission (Dom) last night with a PM-9. Problem is, to many people would kick off if they nerfed the ACR and MP7. And this close to Black Ops 2 i'd be suprised if there was any change to those guns.

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    The KSG-12 is my baby.  Haven't touched the striker since I golded it about 5 weeks ago - barely have more than 1500 kills with it.  Of course If someone leaves one lying around I'm not above picking it up.

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    I'm just waiting for someone to call me a pistol n00b and I will have been accused of n00bery with every class of weapon in the game...