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    Not necessarily directed to you nitropheonix (like the name btw.  I used to live in a town called Nitro) but everytime I hear one of these the ACR/MP7/whatever other gun you like is OP sessions, the guy complaining always talks about how they prefer to use a more challenging gun.  Well isn't part of using a more challenging gun finding a way to out gun your opponent?  It seems to me that what people are really complaining about is that the challenge that they've chosen for themselves is too great.  Personally the only reason that I care about what gun my opponent is using is so that I can employ the appropriate counter measure to defeat them.  I kill ACR/MP7 users just as easy as AK47 and MP5 users.  My tactics my change a little but they change when I encounter MK14 and Type 95 users as well.  Its a game of strategy and everything in it has a counter.  I've complained about dropshotting because the lag comp delays the fact that the enemy has dropped info until after you're dead.  It's also counterable even with the lag just by dropshotting myself.  If I really wanted to quit getting killed by it I would just change my controls over to tactical and then I'd be annoyed more by the panic knife.  I don't look for or need the devs to change it.  I'm perfectly content with the challenges that I've chosen for myself.  Again this wasn't directed at your post particularly.  It just seemed like a good lead in for what was on my mind.

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    You know, that's a good point...I've never held a Striker but I have held other shotguns and they are NOT light...why do the shotgunners run like Usain Bolt?

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    Solution: Whip out your Type-95 with (favourite attachment here) and Rapid Fire and make them all rage. That gun with those attachments is so OP it makes even the ACR and MP7 feel like piles of garbage. I am a 1.1 K/D player that used a Type-95 with Red Dot and Rapid Fire on the off chance once and got a 3.2 K/D.


    You'll out-gun them every time.

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    What is most important for you when you play MW3?  Leveling up?  Experimenting with weapons?  Getting the objectives?  KD ratio?  WL ratio?  If I'm trying to win a game, or level up as quickly as possible, I'm going to use a gun that is most comfortable for me...I don't care what it looks like, and I don't want a gun that kicks like a mule, or runs out of ammo too quickly, etc.  I want to win, and that means I might employ the ACR or the MP7.

    You can call me a noob or whatever you want, and I'm not the greatest COD player, but I'll use whichever gun I want...Thanks!

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    not much of a problem, just that the ACR is really OP.. the fact that i can use it to kill a sniper that isnt paying attention to me across the map just justifies that.. but most Assault rifles are able to do that.. MP7s and ACRs are commonly used because they are powerful overall (mayb except MP7's range), even MLG pros use it so most players use it because they use it. mayb u try using them?


    if u still run into this problem even after using them, thn switch up ur style, ACRs are useful almost in everyway, so try to kill them before they see u/shoot at u.. MP7s, just shoot them from far, avoid close counter gun fights

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    Not really. The ACR and MP7 are weapons that anyone can pick up and be decent with because of the way they handle. I wouldn't call them try hard weapons. Just guns that are easier to use then others.

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    completely agree. funny how someone here thinks the arc is a "tryhard" gun yet in another post said person talks about using the striker. Must take a lot of talent aimlessly pulling the trigger with a semi auto shotgun right error_6_?

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    im not a shotgun user so i cant answer that one , i dont mind the shotgun lads is something different in my book , it just that striker super speed and the height they jump , but not all people play fair so there could be some sort of glitch or something to get them like that .

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    I've been rocking the m16 since the patch and nothing is more satisfying than getting a triple kill with an m16 while your opponents are running around with those guns. The m16 is triple burst kill now but you must hit the upper chest or head, depending on LAG comp.

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    never mad, son.  check the hours played before you say noob.  played the hell outta this game.


    but without noobs, the game doesn't grow.  and who would pad your precious k/d ratios without the noobs.


    yall just get mad when they find a weapon to beat you with.


    i play for fun and if someone kills me i respawn.  i don't cry on message boards about the weapon that killed me.  i try to adjust so it doesn't happen again.  when i have had enough, I go back to the real world.  it's a game.  treat it as such.