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Who Wants a MOAB?

If you're reading this & you want a MOAB because you've never got 1, or you're struggling to get more, you can. All you have to do is roll with a group me & my friends made up. What we do is we always try to get a party of 6 rolling. We will then have 2 or 3 people run Support with UAV & Ballistic Vests. The other 3 or 4 run Specialist. In certain maps like Interchange or Carbon we try to make a spawn trap, as in Dome. If you don't want come in a group, you can do it with your friends if you are,add The_Evil_Avenger. If you want to be in a clan in Elite, send N3kR0_SoLD13R saying that you want in.

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    I think I have you already on my friends list but invite to your party I want to get more moabs!! And I can run support too.. please invite to the your party.

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    What's the point in a spawn trapping Moab? Fun? Maybe for u!! Skillful? NO! entertaining to watch? NO!!! Total pointless!! Might aswell jump on infected and go to burger town on arkaden or railing on dome! Pathetic.


    This seems like another "I want u to join my clan" thread just done in a faggish roundabout way.


    Apologies to the mods for the language in advance.

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      He is a ***


      "If you don't want come in a group"


      That just proved ha


      OP go get a legit MOAB then you can post here

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        For all of you pathetic players out there who make fun of players just because they can't get a MOAB, don't realise that a game is a game. Lots of people don't try for MOABs, so they don't often come. But it will someday.


        And for all of you dumb losers who think that I havn't gotten a legit MOAB. I'm probably better than you are at this game. I only use this strategy when I'm having a bad day at the game. Within 3 matches I get 1 & my self-esteem is back.


        I'm positive that I've gotten more MOABs than you anyway. I've gotten 178 MOABS. 6 Double MOABs, & 2 Triple MOABS. I highly doubt you've gotten close to a double MOAB. I think you need some MOAB lessons before you get back on this game & try.

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          Nah, not got close to a double. That's due to the fact we play a game mode called team death match which is primarily about killing. The likelyhood of gaining 2 in a 7500 score limit is low. Very very low. (from one man anyway)


          If I wanted I could play solo, chuck on Dom and do what u do all day long. Easy. I don't want a debate about who is a better player, cos frankly it's a game with varying factors and I'm above all this nonsense.


          I play in a party of 4-6 all the time, its rare I'm solo, and the people I play with are generally pretty good players. Try getting tdm moabs while competing with your party members for the kills / Moab. Not so easy when there is a kill limit.


          I've played a limited amount of Dom, and had moabs on it without spawn trapping, I run around and try to play the game in a way that is action packed as opposed to the method illustrated in your OP.


          It's lucky i get emails from this site when there are replies to threads I have posted in, 11 days seems a bit long for your reply.


          I don't watch Birdman, or woody or any of these big YouTube commentators. I prefer watching vids on smaller channels of guys who post here.


          If this "Birdman" only spawn traps, then he's w@nk at the game, therefore I make perfect sense with my previous comments ;)


          This is a reply to both your recent posts btw.

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      By the way Whytie84. I accept your apologies about the language. I hear that language all the time, just don't go around saying that you're not legit because you havn't gotten a MOAB to kids.


      Now about the spawn trapping, this is an "If" thing.


      If you watch Birdman's videos & you say he's great at the game, than you make no sense at the game whatsoever. I barely spawn trap, & yet this guy ONLY spawn traps. 


      Reminders: That was an "If" thing if you thought it was offensive.

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    What s the point in a MOAB?


    I was just in a game where i had unlocked specialst and a moab goes off and i die and have to start again. Why should i be punished because my teamates were having a bad day?

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      I'm not saying there is a special point in a MOAB. But a MOAB shows that you took your time on the game & relaxed. When you get a MOAB you get a great feeling.


      Now about this enemy MOAB. I don't think you should be punished. I think that the enemy that got the MOAB was playing cool. But on the inside he was going try hard. No one but you or your team would suspect him going try hard.


      If you were having a great day, that's all that matters. Move on to the next match, a game is a game which I have previously mentioned in another message.If you think you're not relaxed, try & relax or take a break. Just when you're on don't stress.


      (I'm not saying you were stressing, but maybe in future matches you could.)

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    I get a good feeling just when playing the game.  I don't need a team to support me in my endeavor to get a MOAB.  I don't need to come to forums to create a group of people that are going to play objective based game modes and camp for MOAB's.  Pretty pointless and pathetic if you ask me. 


    Why don't you actually try capping points and tags while playing AND achieving your MOAB?!?!  Then I'll say your good at this game.  Until you post that vid up, you're a no good scrub looser that really needs to learn how to play FPS games. 


    It's amazing that you get some sort of a high from achieving MOAB status.  Maybe if you went outside for a while, you could see that there are plenty real things in life that can make you feel the same.