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That´s it i HAD ENOUGH


I was just to excited to go play on TERMINAL the map loads up everything runs fine as soon as i pick my class there is some RETARDED FREAK CALLED pitty or potty i cant remember i know he uses the sonic the hedgehog as his profile image hacking his score was 121-1 i just had enough so what i propose to the pc community is the following:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nonhackercommunity PLAY WITH PEOPLE YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH  no hackers allowed lets try to revive this game its not hard tired of hackers or being called hacker and not being one you ve come to the right group welcome we can make party groud war games have our own dedicated servers and if we stick together we can actually make a diference it may seem impossible or even a stupid idea but as me i know many of you just love COD and you are just tired of those retarded kids so lets make a stand and stop those BASTARDS  WHO IS WITH ME? i can expect a lot or even some comments saying (good luck you are a noob,call your mom etc xD)

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    Thats the main reason why I can't get into call of duty that much, it's fulled of ignorant people who hack because they are garbage at the game.


    If Infinity Ward cared about it they would fix it, but it's part of CoD