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One person not buying any more CODs won't make a difference.

They'll still keep making millions off this franchise for many years to come, but not at my expense. The countless problems with this game has at least done one thing and saved me spending money on BO2. Other peoples experience may be different but the game over the last month has become so bad it's just laughable. The amount of times I will be shooting at someone and get killed, only for the killcam to show that I never actually got any shots off whatsoever. As I've said, one person not buying the game won't be a difference, but I'm sure other people have the same experience yet will buy the new game in the hope that they'll get things right this time. They'll never sort out their servers, why bother when people buy their products regardless of the quality?


Started playing BF3 this last month, it really is a much better game than MW3. Quite ironic that I started playing it only because MW3 is such a bag of s*** now. If you find some other people to play with and work as a squad the game is so much fun. I'd definitely recommend others to try it out.