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Fed up of playing on your own in unorganised matches ?

Infected army is a level 23 (5 weeks) mw3 xbox elite clan, we have 35 members both male and female from UK US CAN Belgium & Spain, we have a facebook group where members post pics and videos and check for updates and results on challenges and operations we also have a clan website and youtube channel for the more serious members, we like to have fun we hold private practise sessions nades and knives, throwing knives only, pistols only etc all for getting people better with there equiptment, we have clan battles and do all clan operations and clan challenges, we have a usual 8-12 members online daily, if you like to be part of a fun raipdly growing clan that will bring a whole new experience to your mw3 experience search INFECTED ARMY on elite and request to join or msg GAMING FRIEND on xbox live


hope to here from some of you soon


we accept free and premium, must be over 13 and act mature and have a headset