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New maps for PC Multiplayer?


I've played cod mw3 mp for 5 days and I've already reached the 10 prestige.

During this playing I saw that we have soooo less maps and booring.

So I've started to look on the Internet for news.

Now, why are they doing new maps just for xbox?We want for pc too.

If you think the same, leave a comment..., I want to see your replies

^^ Sorry for my english, I'm romanian.

  • Re: New maps for PC Multiplayer?

    New maps will be available on PC's soon. I bet that collection 3 will be released in 2 maybe 3 weeks, and collection 4 one month later. The prize will be the same 14 euro, but in Poland we can buy the box version of those DLC's on allegro for half a prize.