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TheAwesomeGamers is Recruiting! Think you can pass the tryouts?


TheAwesomeGamers is recruiting!



We are looking for the best of the best, the cream of the crop, in you gamers. Think you got what it takes? We will just have to see.



To get into the clan you go through a series of courses/competitions. Who are you competing against? The others who want in. I am telling you now, maybe 40% of you will make it in, your chances are slim if you aren't good at the game.




  • 5.0+ KD
  • ELITE Premium
  • MW3 (Obviously)
  • A mic
  • Headset/Surround Sound(Optional)



The Courses:



Course 1: Skill

Game Type: Free For All

   We want to see if you have what it takes to win. You will be competing against a minimum of 8 other people, and the top three players move on to the next round. Do whatever you can to win, snipe, quickscope, knife, however you kill is how you kill, in fact, we don't care if you use launchers! Grab an RPG and let it fly for all we care.



Course 2: Communication

Game Type: Team Deathmatch

   How good are you at communication? Obviously the team that reigns victorious is the best at communications since everyone in this course passed the skill test. Your job here is to communicate with your teammates (in game chat) on where other players are, where you died, how you died, and any other sort of information you can throw out there. If your team wins, you go on to the next course.



Course 3: Teamwork

Game Type: Domination

   Do your best to take control of every flag, or perhaps you can spawntrap the other team, whatever you decide to do, you all have to work together. Working together is probably the most important thing in this game, it requires skill and communication, you have both of those things, the last step is working together to complete a goal.



By the end of the third course we should have weeded out the bad players, and gotten to the best. If you passed all three courses you are in.



Send a message to "TheAurumGamer" on XBox saying "Tryouts." I will respond with multiple times for you to attend the first course, you respond with each time/date you can attend.



NOTE: If you fail a course feel free to try again the next time it is open.