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What Guns Have You Been Using Lately?


Personally I've been all about the MK14 and CM901. I also have classes with the M16, UMP45 and PM-9 set up. Rankin a couple of these to 1000 and the others are almost at the 2500 mark.

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    Since the last 'buff'  I got both the mp5 and M16 gold, 2 guns I have tried in the past but always gave up on....now going for the gold FAD....trying to stay away from Mp7and ACR, its actually getting real old seeing everyone running around using those 2 guns almost exclusively, oh and of course, silenced..LOL

    Almost forgot to add, been using the G18 as a secondary of late, I really like that little gun


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    For this prestige, I've focused mostly on 3 different guns:


    Type 95 - I avoided using this gun outside of Infected for around 8 or 9 prestiges so far, so I figured it was finally time I use it. I've used the M16 quite a bit pre-buff, but wanted to try the Type-95 to see how it functioned in Comparison. Needless to say the gun is amazing. Too good IMO, which is why I've always avoided using it.


    AA 12 - They say the best arguments are the informed arguments. Getting first hand experience with the weapon allows me to back up my previous claims of shotguns being pretty crap in general. Having leveled it 15 or so levels at this point (still going with it), I can safely say people are right when they say it's weak.


    FAD - Just my overall favorite weapon, got it Gold a few times, so I just enjoy using it.

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    What a refreshing thread!


    I've been focusing on the M16, CM901, and M60 lately. I mix things up regularly so nailing this question down is not easy.


    I had a really sweet set up for the MK14 to use on Fallen. Since getting 2500 kills with it, the only thing I changed up was the trading the MK14 for the M16. Running a silencer and RDS on the M16 doesn't seem to work. I've changed it up and ran a silencer with rapid fire and that made no difference. I tried out RDS with rapid fire, skipping the silencer. That was a slight improvement. I've also tried it with RDS and silencer and that was okay. Nothing like the MK14, though. Maybe I got spoiled.

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    Since I posted this thread I've been using the PM-9 in most games now. My secondary is the P99 with Tac Knife and all together its a nice little combo.

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    m16 and P90 also the g36c want to get them gold

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    Gold on my MP7, PP90, P90, PM9, ACR, M4A1, SCAR-L, G36C, AK47, FAD, and Striker.  Maxed out the Seven Fives, MP412, 44 Magnum, FMG9, and MP9.  Working on gold and maxing out with the M60, UMP45, Model, G18, and Skorpions.  Probably going to start working on the CM901 and MP5 as well.

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    Lately I've been using the MK14 and been beasting with it (somewhat). For some reason, I feel that the best sights on it are the Hybrid Sights. I found a lot of success while using them, and because Extended Mags actually gives you more starting ammo, it was a very good pairing for the MK14 so you don't have to sacrifice Scavenger to last long on your Assault Package, and you don't waste as much ammo when you can only shoot every time you pull the trigger.


    Rapid Fire isn't as useful since not many people can even do over 10 shots per second (or 600 RPM in this case) consistently with their index finger over a shoulder button. So I don't use it unless I haven't unlocked the more useful attachments.


    The M16 is a less recent, but more interesting weapon I've been using. Pre-hotfix I never used it since it required an entire burst to kill even at close ranges and it was generally overshadowed by the Type 95 until the hotfix. Now, I can't see the Type 95 doing any better than the M16, even at close range because of its hipfire spread.


    UMP45, again because of the hotfix. I never thought of it to be a bad weapon, but 17 damage at range really crippled the UMP45 and its reputation as the highest damaging SMG. At least now it can kill in 5 hits, and for some reason it felt more accurate than the MP7. But I guess that's because when your weapon has near non-existent recoil, it's really all about aiming. And my accuracy is inconsistent at best. Sometimes I can one-shot people with Sniper Rifles and get the perfectionist challenge completed while doing so, and sometimes it takes me a whole magazine's worth of ammo to get a hitmarker.

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    Since I got all AR's and SMG's gold pre-buff I've been working on shotguns and LMG's.  Got MK46 and PKP gold within the last week or so, onto the MG36 now.  Got the Striker gold (not hard, despite all the shotgun complainers that gun is ridiculously overpowered) to go with my gold USAS and SPAS.  Working on KSG now.  Will likely move onto the Model when the KSG is done (hopefully this weekend).

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    M4A1, UMP45, MSR, SCAR, and the G36C

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    im trying to get the rsass in gold at the minute

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    right now I have been focusing on LMG's.  got the L86 gold, then the MG36, now working on the MK46.  got it to level 30 but got some work to do for gold. 


    to the OP,


    the CM901 looks sexy as hell gold.  I love that gun.  I go back to it from time to time for some fun.  It kills well when used correctly.

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    never been much of a acr user, i feel it is too easy, but  lately I have been using it, also l86 with acog and silencer ( for fun)


    also the mp7 or ump45

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    I've been working on getting Gold guns.  So I've been using a lot of different things.  I finally have all of the SMG's gold.  The MP5 was the last one.  It's not that great of a gun but it looks great in gold.


    Now I'm working on the AR's.  I've got about 1/2 of them gold already and I've got the CM901 almost there.  Next I'll be switching to the Type 95, MK14 and M16.


    I just finished getting the M60 gold but that's my only LMG.  I'm planning on moving to the L86 next.


    In the shotgun world I got the Model gold over the weekend but I'm not sure if I'm going to go with the SPAS12 or the USAS next.  Leaning more towards the SPAS though.

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      I have 3 sets of classes. 


      First set are the "lag" classes.  This consists of MP7 or PP90 and the ACR.  If the game is running weak, for me I need every advantage I can have.


      2nd group are the "Work in progress" classes.  This current prestige I am working on the FAD (don't see the love affair with it, sorry) and UMP and whatever that LMG with the round mag is.


      3rd group are my "Try Hard" classes.  This consists of weapons that I need to use when facing actual competition, thus the AK is a mainstay as well as the P90.  I think I also have the SCAR on my ghost class, but can't remember.  Everything was messed up the other night when I started playing HC, so I need to go back and revisit all these classes.