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Am I the only one dissapointed that Support streaks won't be back?

I think with Support streaks gone, we are going to see a lot more camping and "tryhards" (people who use the most powerful setups every match). The leisurely players from MW3 who liked to rush and play the objective (like me) instead of sit with a Portable Radar, Assassin, and a silenced ACR/MP7 until they got their Pred/Reaper/AC130 will not have as much fun in Black Ops 2. That may sound nooby, but really what's more annoying, getting EMP'd for 60 seconds or getting spawn-raped with air support for half a match? People in this community choose to whine about all the wrong things. They condemn Shotguns like the 1887s having too much range, but it's TOTALLY fine for a Sniper to consistently perform like a Striker....

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    im sick that they are removing support it fits my playstyle great but looks like i will just have to learn adapt and move on.


    i think there is going to be loads of camping going on in black ops 2 specially since killstreaks dont chain now like they did in mw3

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    Honestly, I am a little bit disappointed. I have never been a long killstreak guy, I tend to play pretty aggressively. I liked being able to support my team and still throw things out there to help even without having to get 10 kills in a row. I think it does help combat camping to a degree, as people don't feel they have to hide out of a fear of losing their streak.


    It also made the assault class worthwhile, as it was tougher to earn. I was a big fan of specialist as well, as I have always been more of a proponent of gun on gun rather than using a lot of lethal killstreaks.


    Would be an interesting idea to make one of the Wildcards have the ability to apply a support-type mentality to your killstreaks, where you can still earn them even if you die. Make it cost 3 points so its not overused. I know its not going to happen,but just a thought.


    I think that its not a game breaker for me because of the level of customization offered throughout the game. I never used many of the higher end kill streaks in Black Ops and that never lessened my enjoyment. I see where you are coming from for sure, it was one of the few innovations MW3 had that I felt were a change in the right direction for the series. I have faith they'll give us a good product and look forward to playing.

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    Personally I am glad they scrapped the support package.  Some can go 18-40 and can get an EMP, no thanks.  I think that if you play the objective you should get rewarded.  I like how the Score system works in BO2.  I will be able to get good killstreaks quicker because I play the objective, and diehard.


    Black Ops 2 is going to much more fun and competitive than any other Call of Duty game.  I have a few issues but I won't need a tissue like some people on the forums.

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    Support, aka, giving people powerful streaks for doing nothing.

    I'm sorry, but if you go 18:25 in TDM you do not deserve to be given EMPs and stealth bombers, both of which were 9+ killstreaks previously. They can't be countered and they are not fair.

    It's an embarrassingly stupid idea. If you want streaks, play well. And if you run and gun, use low streaks like the UAV.

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    Wait the support package is gone? No no no! God damn it Treyarch. Why does Treyarch always listen to crybabies?

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    I will not be upset. I think it's great. Half my deaths in mw3 are from deathstreaks and support stealth bomber. I'm glad they are pulling the plug on horrible players. I hate when they give someone a backup to sucking at the game. I do not think you should be able to keep your killstreak. Right now in mw3 everyone can rush in and not care because they can keep their killstreak, so you don't value your life. I always value my life in COD, so I don't use the support class very often. Pretty rediculous when a team gets tore up the whole game and all of a sudden they have 4 jugs and stealth bombers and emps. Just like getting blown up by c4 after I shoot someone in the head. It's pathetic.


    The thing you have to remember about BO2 is they are still tuning the points. Now for one I love it(my opinion) becasue now you get bonus for playing the objective. If a sniper wants to sit back ok great. 50pts a kill... 8 kills for a uav? Thats pretty awesome, as I will cap a flag for 150, then kill a guy trying to take it and get 150+... boom I'm already doing better than the person sitting back not playing the objective. But at the same time I run high kill streaks because I play with tactical effort and I value my life as a team player, and I know I can get those killstreaks.


    I also don't understand the compaining about camping... if I have a problem with someone I counter it. Everything is a tactic, becasue you have an issue with camping, kind of means you are the reason they are still camping. If you didn't come back to feed their killstreak then you wouldn't have a problem. Also this is about someone sitting in a remote part of the map not playing the objective. If they are watching flag b or hardpoint capture point then they aren't camping they are doing a damn good job of DEFENDING.


    The scoring in BO2 I believe will promote some intense gameplay because to get those high end killstreaks you are going to have to be in the action.

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    first they are not "removing" because this is treyarch... not infinity ward, so it was never included in one of their games.

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    Actually, both the Stealth Bomber and EMP can be countered:

    Stealth Bomber:

    1. Go inside a building

    2. Have either a team mate or yourself call in an EMP


    1. Run Assassin Pro.


    As for my opinion on this, I will actually miss the package. I am one of the players that:

    1. Goes for the flag capture in domination and nothing else, usually ending up with a death

    2. Destroying enemy air support and looking silly in the kill cams.


    I personally think the fact that it didn't reset on death helped support players so that they could be rewarded. If I try to play the way I did in MW3, always going for the flag, I am not going to get any rewards that often.

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