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H$WClan - PS3 - Recruiting


H$WClan is recruiting.




I started this clan a while ago and I've gotten close friends in it and we're wanting to expand. We're very active members. We're not trying to be the regular going no where clan. We want to make a clan experience that is fun, beneficial, and just somewhere that you would love to be in everytime you play. Members are not mean. We've decieded to do clan ops on the weekends only. This being Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We're looking for active members that are looking for a clan and are able to clan ops when it is happening. Quickscoping is allowed but isn't needed within the clan. Meaning like it isn't the only thing you have to do constantly. If you're looking for a clan that is active and willing to level it up quickly message me on PSN or look it up on Elite and just apply. All of us at this clan are waiting to hear back and get good, fun gamers looking to join a clan.


We don't care if you're good, bad, young, old, ect. We're just trying to have a good time and looking for people who are searching for that fun time to hang out with a clan.

PSN ID: DeniDov4532