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Wow...  I mean... 


The connectivity issues with this game have always been, by far, the worst of any of the last 5 cod games.  I don't think anybody who is familiar with the franchise is disputing that...


These last couple days of playing, however, have been THE WORST for me.  And I cannot empathize ENOUGH, how much that is saying... 


The last few days I've been on the bad end of 5, 6, 7 to 1 hit-detection disparity's.  My 20meg, A+ Internet connection is getting lag spikes dozens of times a game, most of the time when firing my gun in a showdown.  I'm literally 2 seconds behind everyone else in the room...  Insta-kills!...  My god I don't even see these people shoot ONE bullet at me and I'm dying - much less one shot kills.  Magic bullet deaths, literally seconds after I round a corner. My first 5-10 bullets I'm firing aren't coming close to registering.


How do I not blame this on 1.19?  This is the sharpest change in negative connectivity issues I've seen yet.  Why do I have a feeling it's going to be like this for the next 3 months?  Is it November 13th yet?


    Just played for another hour...  Same thing...  Every game...  Every lobby...


    Haven't played SOLO yet, but in a party it was really hit or miss yesterday.  I had some good matches and some bad.  It seems like nothing has changed. 



    Maybe they are just feeding us placebos.....


      I would think so...


      Every patch you always see threads about how the game has "become unplayable"


      I laugh


      Because for me, it never has been playable (consistently).  As stated in another thread, when I am doing well, I know the opposing players are getting screwed the same way I was getting screwed the match before...


      We all know (or at least have some conceptual idea) about lag and compensation etc... but it makes no sense when I get shot from someone who was not on my screen but in the kill cam he was right in front of me (no exaggeration) while I ran past him.


      How can anyone be that behind reality, I will never know.

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        Oh yes.  Or when you are clearly already around the corner in your screen, but then all of a sudden die and it shows the enemy firing half a clip into you before you made it to the door.


        I used to get pissed, and sometimes still do, but it's easier to just sit back, finish out the match and see what happens next game.  If it's still unplayable, then I find another lobby and try again. 


    Been saying this since the hotfix right before the patch. Hosting has become almost game breaking for me. If you really want to see how the game is supposed to play, play through your 4g phone.


    It's been like that for most since launch day. For myself lately every round has a couple of people on the enemy who seems to be able to shoot me round corners, takes over half a clip to kill, will get a random speed boost and their ACR sounds more like a 1 shoter.

    I used to think in laggy lobbies that the whole enemy team had advantage then once I started paying attention to the names of the people I kill or who kill me I noticed it's normally just a couple of the enemy team who seem to have the edge. Whilst others on the enemy team seem to die in a more appopriate way.


    What you guys are talking about is bad Prediction Code (lag comp).   When we are connected to a host and server, all of our data is being uploaded and downloaded at different speeds.   The Prediction Code (lag comp) is supposed to bridge the gap and calculate our movements/actions so we have a smooth and real time experience.  The better the Prediction Code is, the more accurate the real time gameplay and replays will be.   


    The only way for them to truly fix it is to build a new engine/netcode/game.   I've heard rumor that BLOPS has reverted back to the old COD4 netcode, with new updates.  Just rumor, no confirmation.  


    2same here **** instakill,laaag


    only way I could kill anyone on Fri night was by backing into a corner with an MG36 with grip and rapid fire and hope that I could barf enough rounds into them before they could turn around and one hit kill me. I took a 10 day break from the game to play borderlands and came back on Fri night. Played with  a group of 6 and 2 of us with premium IP (50M down and 5M up) and  one of us was host ALL night. If one bailed from the match then host migrated to other.

    Rage quit after about 2.5 hrs when shot for the 4th time by a shotgun while getting 6 plus hit makers from MG36 rapid fire! went 0.76 for the the night with  way more games at 6 and 15 than 10 and 7. I have no illusions of being a 2.5 KRD player but when I cant even break even for the night I don't need the aggravation !