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What should I do?

First time I've really used these Forums, so bare with me.


When I click on "MW3 MP". It works, it loads, the menu appears as normal, it will stay like that until 5(ish) seconds later.

It comes up with:



Exceeded limit 64 'attachment' assets.


I know my computer has the requirements for this game, as I've played before this encounter perfectly, it seems ever since the recent update(s), it's crash galore.

I've searched all sorts of Forums, people get the question "Have you been banned?" Nope, I haven't (Just in case I get asked - I never hack, or have reason to be banned).

There's also something going round about hacking, and it disallowing users able to play, again, I don't hack. I wouldn't know how to anyway.

I'm not too high tech, so please keep replies as simple as you can.


Really wanted to play, too.

I guess Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 will be played instead, until this can be fixed.