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New PC Gamer In MW2

Dear Clans of BLR,

My In Game Name is yet to be determined but I'll be playing on US East. 

I've been looking for an active, fun, social but decent community focused on CoD: MW2, and I'm PC if that makes a difference.


I've played FPS on the PC for a few years now, and even though I'm only 16 years old I will be getting better. (My reflexes aren't that sharpened) As for MW2, I’m just about to buy the game from steam and begin the download, because my local retailers didn't have any disks in stock >.>


So far I have only played socially, and I haven't joined any big competitive gaming leagues. I enjoy having fun with my games, playing DOM and CTF mainly, though I have tried the other game modes, and I enjoy them when I’m with a good team. The one instance I played competitively was with NVious in BL:R (Blacklight: Retribution) We practiced a few good drills and played against the best most organized that the community had to offer. We were easily top 10 groups, and had a great time.


I have TS3 Skype, xFire, Vent, RaidCall, and I'm willing to get any voice chat you have decided on. I have a microphone and I enjoy having witty banter in the intermissions. I don’t rage, I am not generally annoying, and I know how to filter things I say.

My K/D ratio varies from game modes, teams, moods, and days. This is offset by my focus on objectives. I play objective based games such as DOM because to me it’s more fun and enjoyable.




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    *Dear clans of MW2

    *IGN: TwistedxBoy/LethalxShot (off steam) Level 9

    I am begining the campaign, but not complete. I enjoy alot of the Special Forces missions, and I can't seem to find a lobby to play anything multi-player. Tried what I assumed would be the most popular, TDM and Merc. TDM, but nothin so far.


    Reason I am looking for a clan is to get into PvP multiplayer with some fun players, and run with a party for some fun :]

    I enjoy being competitive, but I can't see that happening without advancing in ranks to the extent of learning the best loadout for me.