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MDK 2.0 is Recruiting (XBOX 360) Clan Level 35 Looking for Active Players

Hi guys I am the leader of the Xbox 360 Clan MDK 2.0 (MurdaDeathKill) We are currently Clan level 32 and have 60+ people on the roster, we are looking for active players to join us. This Clan has been built to continue into Black Ops 2 and all future Call of Duty titles.


We take part in all Clan Operations and Challenges and play to win, having said that we don't take things too seriously as the main goal is having fun. There are some good players on this team who play a variety of different game modes so any new members can fit in easily.


We have no requirements in terms of skill level, your K/D ratio is not important. All we ask is that you are a mature minded player (no age restrictions) and are fairly active.


Here is a link to our Clan page:



Intersted in joining us? Just click on the link above and use the 'Clan Apply' tab on our page or post on the Clan feed. Alternatively you can leave a brief message with your Gamertag on this page or feel free to message me on Xbox Live and I will send you an invite. My Gamertag is Difster


Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing some of you very soon.



Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/MurdaDeathKill


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