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How to Know When You Are a Legit Awesome COD Gamer (With a Story~)

This is how you know when you are a complete boss at playing COD.


(Also for help identifying people that suck, get mad at people better than them, and/or hack or know a hacker or bluff about hacking)


So I play COD a lot. I mainly play BO now cause MW3 is just, no. Akimbos and everything. Even on both games hacking is very wide spread. And I hear it's VERY easy to do now on the Wii (also explains how I see 10 year olds with legit hacks (and I'm not talking about they just have a pred missile or something))


Now, I was playing BO with my friend in real life "Zaztec," (I'm Stenaven by the way, look up Clan ZS The Zodiac Slayers if you're interested in me) and it was just a normal game. I was just using my class with a Spectre Red Dot and Extended Mags (taking down the Famas, AUG and AK74u users (people also really like to noobtube us a lot)), and I went about 30-6 on Launch, got a helicopter 2 times, and got a B52 bomber and Dogs once. I mean I was just playing the game how I normally do. Me and Zaztec were having a nice conversation the whole time. After the game, there were 2 people that had something lovely to say to me.


This isn't exact, but it'll give you the just of it:


P1: "Hey Stenaven, I liked that hacking a lot! I'm gonna put a virus on your Wii!"
P2: "Yeah get out of here we don't need a hacker here!" (hypocrites much? You claim you can put a virus on my Wii?)

Me: "Hey, if it makes you feel better, go for it, make my day~" (not even caring. Me and Zaztec were literally trying to not say anything to these sore losers)
P1: "Just you wait I'm gonna get you good Stenaven!" (leaves game, P2 also leaves)


Days later, nothing happened (shocker right?)


This just goes to show you, some people just suck and get mad at others for being better than them SO easily, that they want to distroy your Wii. They have no other comeback. Like seriously. You want to destroy my Wii because you THOUGHT I was hacking? I did so amazing that I looked like a hacker?? Yeah, that'll show me. Hope it'll make you feel better knowing you got rid of a player that is better than you in the most unlegit way possible. It's not like I have other games on my Wii, or a family that also plays my Wii, nope of course not (obvious sarcasm here)


So if someone threatens to break, destroy, or put a virus on your Wii, and claim you're a hacker, and you know (true to yourself) that you were just playing normally, and can't even hack, you know YOU are a BEAST player, and that other player is a sore loser (it's even funnier if you think, "he was hacking, and still couldn't beat me??")


I mean, I just wanna play a few games of COD without people raging to me saying I'm hacking or something. It happens to me quite often.


(and if you don't think they can put a virus or something on your Wii, think again. One of my friends and clan member "Ninja" had their Wii "attacked" by a hacker. His Wii can't read discs. His Wii isn't old, he took great care of it, and he was a GREAT player (he has literally gotten like 80-90 MOABs in MW3. I'm serious. With guns like the M16, L118A, AK47, ACR, SCAR, SPAS, you name it.) so you can see why people had it out for him. Even my account was hopped TWICE, reset my stats, and my allies deleted. (one reason I lost interst in MW3)


So this is meant to be funny, but also a little serious. I really hate hackers, or should I say "theifs" because they don't ACTUALLY hack, they use someone ELSE'S software to hack their Wii, and someone ELSE'S codes to use. They don't do it themselves. I almost hate the ones that hack it and give it to the public more than I do the people that actually use it. I mean, if they never made it, we wouldn't have "hackers"!


I'm not asking for sympathy, or like a revolution against hackers (cause I know no one will do anything, especially Activision or whoever manages COD), I just want to get it out there, how rediculous it's become on the Wii.


If you wanna see me in Black Ops, add me: 5210-8919-8947

And for MW3: 1165-4697-8734