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MW3 Infected: Throwing Knife Discussion

I dont know if i am the only one here, but i feel throwing knifes are becomin too much of an advantage for the infected.


I have played MW3 now for nearly a year, and i have seen 2 if not 3 matches where the survivors actually won.


I remember when Infected didnt have throwing knifes and everything was happy. When they added throwing knifes i thought it was a brialliant idea. But i slowly grew dissappointed with how it made the game much more in the infected players favour.


I am here today to gather people views on the throwing knife and maybe see if there is a possible future.


So far i have thought that maybe they should make it so infected only get throwing knifes to the last 8 survivors? Or something like that so it pleases most people.

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    The problem with taking away the throwing knife from the Infected is that it then becomes too easy for the non-infected. When Infected was first introduced without Throwing Knives, there was MOABs going off sometimes 2-3 times almost every single match, and the odds for the infected winning went down. We essentially seen the opposite of what we see right now. Infected winning becomes near impossible.


    The system I would like to see however, would remove the Throwing Knife from the infected, but on a few conditions:


    The first condition would be that the initial infected have a lot more health. As more and more players become Infected, the amount of health they have is lessened down to say, 150% normal health. Without the throwing knife, it's necessary to increase their health so that they actually have a chance at getting in close to the enemy.


    Additionally, I would request that all ladders and areas that otherwise require the infected to "climb" and put away their weapon while doing so be taken away aswell. In maps like Dome and Outpost, it's far too easy to simply sit up on the catwalks and shoot the infected as they try to climb up, and the same is true for many other areas in the game aswell.


    Only then would it become fair for the infected without their throwing knives. Otherwise, we're just going to be back at the initial problem of where nobody wants to be infected, they leave once they are, and enemies continue to drop MOABs all match, usually multiple times per match.

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      That is very true, however with the catwalk on dome, they will run out of ammo and eventually give in.


      I am still thinking very strongly on the fact that Infinity Ward should either make it so you cannot stay in the same place for more than 10 seconds (maybe a radius of 1.5 meters) or throwing knifes to be removed after there are less than 8 survivors (maybe 5 or 6) therefore the actualy spirit of "everyone charging towards you" comes into effect rather than spawn throw, spawn throw.


      Ive also noticed that people boost by blocking off ways. If the rule of 'killing if you camp/stay put in a set radius for a set amount of time' was in place, it would stop this too.


      My friend cracked Modern Warfare 1 with a mod that made you play zombies. It would kill you if you camped. If they can do it surely then Infinity Ward could do it?


      Maybe instead of changing Infected Rules and Equipment every couple of days they should make many modes and see which are the most popular?

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        It was thought that people would run out of ammo and it would be a non-issue with the catwalks and such, but what people learned was to stagger their Resupply runs with MOABs. So once all the enemies died, they'd jump, get ammo, and run back up. That and even if you do run out of ammo, as long as you stay on the cat walk, you can simply knife the infected as they try to climb up and grab the scavenger pack when they drop it. I've seen that happen many times aswell.


        In terms of making it so that if someone doesn't move they die/lose health, on a technical level it can be done, but would it be worth it? IMO it wouldn't be. There are too many legitimate reasons not to move, and you would be punishing a whole slew of players by instituting a rule like that.


        If they want to increase the chance for the non-infected to win, I would recommend that they re-institute some of the "death barrier" locations now that infected have throwing knives. Give the non-infected more room to move and defend from. In addition to that, perhaps give the non-infected a Smoke Grenade to go with their weapons so that they might try to vanish in the smoke when things get hairy.


        There are a number of solutions to the problem I think, many of which wouldn't severely unbalance the game. But if you take away the throwing knife without taking away the higher elevation areas, you're basically just reversing the situation in which the infected will never win.

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          I too, am growing tired of the throwing knife.  It's far too easy for the infected to win.  Changes I'd like to see are harder to use weapons such as the Spas, 1887, or single pistol.  This, along with slower moving zombies with greater health, no scavenger, and no tac insert would make for interesting games.  You will still need the death barriers to block those map exploits.  At this point some variety would be nice.   The weapons in use now in the infected playlist are essentially the easiest to use and offer the quickest time to kill.  I don't think you need to remove the existing game types completely but at least offer something else.  Every infected match feels the same right now.

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    The only way they really could ever remove the TK from infected would be to block off every room, with a ladder or staircase or doorway where someone could use an infected to block for them and then boost. Which would mean blocking off just about every climbing spot in the game that can not be jumped too and has less then three ways to get there.