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EMS Recruiting for Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) -Updated-



I'm Serontic94,

Leader of the Clan: EMS

EMS stands for Elite Merc Squad

We are a Clan from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1


EMS is looking for people to help us gain in numbers for Modern Warfare 2, we are a decent Clan with a decent record sofar (12-3-4) and are looking for people who are intrested in joining, We still do recruits for Modern Warfare 1 and soon to be recruiting for Modern Warfare 3 (once we make the Clan on Elite)...from what i know and seen, i'm the only member that plays Modern Warfare 2, the rest play Modern Warfare 1 or 3, so contact my PlayStation Account for recruitment, because of me being the only Modern Warfare 2 player, when you send me the request to join via message you will be automaticly accepted BUT i will invite you to a party and see how you play in Team Deathmatch and Search & Destroy, i would do Team Tactical and Sabotage but i can never seem to find a lobby, i have just started out in Modern Warfare 2, but i'm 10th Prestige and Rank 55 in Modern Warfare 1, just need to find a decent gun i can get used to in Modern Warfare 2, but with all that said, if you are intrested then please send a message to my PlayStation Account


-Updated- As requested by the other Leader of EMS, Contact him for recruitment into the Modern Warfare 1 Clan, You must have MW1 or be good to add him as he requests, contacts for PSN are listed below


Modern Warfare 1 Leader: armani2cool (Online Now!)

Modern Warfare 2 Leader: Serontic94 (Online Now!)


If you are lazy and dont wanna send a message then leave your PSN name and ill contact you. its optional to add you K/D ratio since im looking for people to join, i do not care if you suck or you are alittle good, practice makes perfect and you can practice with other members of the Clan


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