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Midway through cetain DLC maps it freezes and I get a disc read error?  Only on DLC maps? Please Help.

I have seen this question/discussion before but I want to ask because my situation seems to be slighly different, or other posts have not explained it well.


Here's the deal.  My MW3 disc works fine.  There are no scratches or smudges.  I can play all of the original maps, and most of the DLC for hours without problems.  But, when I play Oasis I get a couple minutes into the map and it freezes to a black screen and eventually says 'disc read error' and takes me to the menu where you play online.  When I click to go back in it says 'connecting to online server' and comes right back up.  I go right back into playing without issues.  It didn't happen when I first downloaded Oasis.  I love oasis and even had some great gameplays I was going to put on youtube.  But a couple weeks in I can no longer play oasis without this happening.  It seems to happen on Piazza now too.  All regular maps work fine as well as all the other DLC maps.  I tried deleting the game data utillity and re downloading all maps.  But still every time I play oasis it craps out within a mintue or two.  Does anyone else have this exact problem?  Does anyone know why it is happening or how to fix it.  I did get the hardened edition so I have had elite from day one (wanted to add that in case it was a factor).