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Looking for XBOX360 UK MW3 Clan




I'm looking to join a UK XBOX360 MW3 Clan to play both casual and competitve games. I'm a pretty decent player however have been getting no better with the friends I play with. I prefer a more mature crowd with no kids and teams that actually work together rather than kill whore and play as individuals.


My current KD is 1.47 but I'm averaging 2.5 - 3 in most games now due to improving my style, I was rushing to hit 10th prestige when the game first came out. I prefer to play KC and Domination but open to a bit of TDM and SnD. Managed a couple of MOABs in solo play but generally get screwed over by poor team mates and crappy lobbys.


Am generally playing most nights 9pm onwards and especially weekends. I'm a founder elite member and can handle a bit of practice sessions for any serious clans. My style is generally rushing/flanking the enemy but tbh can adapt to most games and situtations especially playing for the win.


Finding it hard to join a group of decent players so please don't just invite me to any old clan. Message me on XBL