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uFUK Needs more players.  Join now!

Clan Name : uFUK


At the moment we are two good gamers.  Looking for people that can play really.  We dont care about KD or whatever stuff, we play for fun.  If we get good players as us we might start entering tournaments etc. and have perks for our members.  If your able to play with skill, watch your teamates blindsides, and not be a pussycat then feel free to put in a application.  If you feel you need some tutelage we can provide that if we feel your a "prospect".  Age is irralevant but obviously preferable if your over 18.  Again this is for fun and skill at the same time.  I dont care about the #'s as long as we have quality players.  Feel free to msg me my GT on 360 its EZville718, or you can msg eatsleeprace1.  We mainly play TDM and KC but can adapt to any game mode really.  We are not a sniping clan, we are a get in your face and you die clan. So again feel free to look over our page and apply if you feel like doing so.


If your from NY thats cool since we are NY guys and wouldnt mind keeping it local so to speak.


Again check us out and any questions just hit me up.