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One question to developers from many years COD player

Can you answer me please if you are going to do patch or something to stop hacking the game. Multiplayer gamne is an horror. This night I've been trying to play a several times online but every time i met cheaters, every my lobby change brought me to another cheater. Hackers/cheaters are levitate up in the air and they are immortal ofcourse. They use walIhacks, aimbot, etc... I know I'm only a player, one of milions but I spent money to buy your product and I would like to know how you are treating your customers. Last patch you have done(containing terminal map) does nothing about cheaters and now instead of playing my favorit game I writing this message to you... So, are going to do patch  to stop hacking the game? Or maybe you have another solution?


Thanks in advance for answer.