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SitRep Pro is offically the most overpowered Perk in MW3, literally no counter.

What was IW smoking when they decided to buff SitRep pro so all the sound whores could hear people using Dead Silence? It's ridiculously unfair. I see EVERYBODY using it now, and now no matter what setup I use they will always hear me coming by my footsteps. People will argue "well they paid for their headset so they deserve the advantage" no no and NO sound whoring has never been legit, is not legit, and will never be legit. That's like saying modders should be allowed to mod because they paid for their JTAG or whatever. It's one of the sole reasons I never play S&D. Pretty much every other Perk has a counter or doesn't need one, in fact I'll list them out:


SoH - This actually doesn't need a counter.

Recon - I'm pretty sure there's a Perk that reduces the effects of Recon.

Extreme Conditioning - This doesn't need a counter either, in fact it SHOULD be unlimited sprint.

Blind Eye - Killstreaks like Reapers, AC130s, Osprey Gunners, Assault Drones, Juggernauts, Remote Sentries, Airstrikes etc. can still kill people with this Perk, although it may be more difficult.

Scavenger - They nerfed this pretty hard in MW3, and honestly I'm glad. Grenade spam gets annoying.


Quickdraw - Again, this doesn't need a counter. It shouldn't work on Snipers though.

Hardline - Just because a player's killstreak requires one less kill doesn't mean you can't still Buzzkill them.

Assassin - This is the one perk besides SitRep Pro that drives me nuts, but it seems like they're finally nerfing it in Black Ops 2.

Overkill - Honestly there's not really an advantage in having two Primaries when Machine Pistols are so good.


Stalker - Another one that doesn't really need a counter, Claymores and IMS can still kill people using Stalker Pro even though it is unlikely.

Marksman - I think Assassin or Blind Eye counters this.

Steady Aim - This Perk is really only beneficial on Akimbo weapons and the PP90M1, so it's fine.

SitRep Pro - God mode Perk as of the recent buff. Hear everything, literally.

Dead Silence - Absolutely useless now because of SitRep Pro buff.


So pretty much, SitRep Pro is ruining MW3. Sound whores have always been annoying, but now it's just out of control.

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