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[DOTk] Devils Outkasts is recruiting please read for more information (Xbox only)

Hey! I am a leader for DOTk aka Devils Outkasts we are looking for new members for our mw3 clan, we do not care about what your k/d is we just offer you more people to play with and have fun, you can look us up on the call of duty ELITE app Devils Outkasts free or premimum members accepted, we are currently a level 7 clan.

We aim for a good gaming experience!


Any players welcome!

Things we have

-a great community

-clan events

-we do not care about your k/d

-clan structure


-clan ranking system

-active leaders

If you do not feel like looking up our clan on the ELITE app just send 1 of the leaders a message.





If you can't find us on ELITE or have troubles requesting an invite just send us a message or post here and We'll invite you.

If you do not use the ELITE app no problem you can still be in the clan just send a message over xbox